Contest International Humanity Olympiad 2021
Humanity Development Club
Eligibility Open to all Age groups (Housewives, professional, businessmen, etc.)
Prize Gift cards (or )Gifts worth Rs. 2.5 Lacs
Last Date 10th August, 2021
Official Website https://www.humanityolympiad.org/

International Humanity Olympiad 2021

The International Humanity Olympiad team is back this year with the 7th edition. Unlike the previous years, the current situation makes us realize how imperative it has become to adopt humanity while living in this transient world. Let’s take the first step, as the first step is half work done, in making this world a better place by giving a 15 minutes Olympiad on humanity, morality and ethics.

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International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Highlights

• Engaging platform and interactive questions
• Olympiad available in English and Hindi
• Any number of attempts can be given
• Instant result and certificate
• Bonus question for extra marks
• Detailed report at the end of Olympiad highlighting the correct, incorrect and partially correct answers

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Eligibility

It is open to all Age groups (Housewives, professional, businessmen, etc.)

• School Students
• College Students
• Other Individuals

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Stages

The e-Olympiad will be conducted in two stages.

• Level 1(Screening Stage) – 21st June 2021 onwards
• Level 2 – 14th and 15th August 2021

Note: The students scoring 90% or above in 1st level would qualify for 2nd level (Final Round)

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Application

Anyone can generate their unique referral code by registering on the following link.

Register Here

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Registration Fee

No, it’s free of cost.

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Prizes

• Each student will receive an e-certificate on scoring above the passing percentage (40%)
• Gift cards or Gifts worth Rs. 2.5 Lacs will be given as prizes to the top 500 students.

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 FAQs

How will the Olympiad be beneficial for the students?
• It will enable them to assess their knowledge of humanity, morality, and ethics
• Each student will receive an e-certificate on scoring above the passing percentage (40%)
• Gift cards or Gifts worth Rs. 2.5 Lacs will be given as prizes to the top 500 students.

What is the Referral Code?
Referral code is alphanumeric code given during referral campaign to share Humanity Olympiad link with your friends, relatives, class mates/colleagues and all near and dear ones. Each referral code is unique to each individual who has enrolled in IHO’s referral activity.

Will repeated attempts count in referral activity?
No, the final results will be based on unique efforts (attempts) only.

How is this Olympiad unique?
• The objective of the Olympiad is to uplift mankind based on values of humanity, morality and ethics.
• It is a selfless service aiming towards humanity

What is the mode and duration of the test?
The Olympiad is conducted online only and the duration is 15 mins containing 25 MCQs.

How many times can we attempt in Level 1 and Level 2 of Humanity Olympiad?
One can attempt the Olympiad unlimited number of times in Level 1, while in Level 2 there will be only 1 chance of attempting the Olympiad.

How can I view my certificate?
You can view your certificate just after you finish the Olympiad. You can also view your certificate from the check progress portal which will be shortly available on our website.

International Humanity Olympiad 2021 Last Date

Last date for attempting the Olympiad for Screening Stage is 10th August, 2021

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