Announcement Capture the Dream Educational Development Scholarship 2020-2021
Sponsored By
CDEDS Educational Research and Development Foundation
Eligibility SC,ST, OBC & General Students
Prize Scholarship For Higher Studies
Application Mode Online
Official Website

CDEDS Scholarship 2021

Capture the Dream Educational Development Scholarship 2020-2021 will provide financial support to those students who wish to pursue higher studies but are unable to do due to poor financial conditions.

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“Capture the Dream Educational Development Organization” has taken up various schemes for Economic Welfare, Scholarships, vocational training and career counseling which are running successfully for person belonging to the all Communities.

Who Can Apply?

SC,ST, OBC & General students can apply

How To Apply?

1. Visit CDEDS Scholarship Application page 
2. Register and Login.
3. Fill form and Submit.

Accepting Your Scholarship

1. Successful scholarship applicants will receive an email/sms detailing the scholarship benefits and payment timing.

2. ERDF reserves the right to change the title of the scholarship awarded depending on funding contributions from external parties. If the funding level or eligibility changes, ERDF will advise the recipient before changing any details but name changes can occur without notice.

3. If a scholarship applicant is offered a different scholarship to the one they applied for, this will be considered instead of, rather than in addition to, the original scholarship. ERDF will only issue one scholarship per applicant per year.

Scholarship Termination

The Foundation may terminate your scholarship if you have:
1. discontinued from your government school or approved course of study or have inactive enrolment;
2. failed to meet the eligibility requirements of your scholarship;
3. failed to meet the scholarships terms and conditions;
4. failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress;
5. been suspended or excluded from school or your course of study;
6. been made an incorrect scholarship offer as determined by the Foundation at its sole discretion; and/or
7. have provided incorrect, false or misleading information or withheld relevant information on your scholarship application or after receiving a scholarship offer.
8. If your scholarship is terminated, you will not receive any further payments. You may be required to repay some or all of your scholarship.


Further information about each scholarship is available on the website or obtained by emailing

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