CBSE Expression Series On Art & Culture Competition 2020


Announcement CBSE Expression Series On Art & Culture 2020
Central Board of Secondary Education
Eligibility Students of Classes 1st to 12th
Prize Certificate
Competition Dates 7th to 19th December, 2020.
Official Website

CBSE Expression Series On Art & Culture

Art and Culture are essential aspects of our overall development. They foster the creative inquiry and also assist in refining skills. Art and culture also help us in enabling perspective,instilling values and translating experiences across space and time.

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In order to provide a platform to students to creatively express their ideas/views on the theme Art and Culture, the Board announces the second Expression Series for the session 2020-21.

Competition Topics

Category Medium Topic
Primary ( 1st to 5th ) Painting/ Drawing/ Paragraph (up to 150 words)/ Poem What fascinates me in the culture of the paired state/ UT? OR Uniqueness of the Art forms of the paired state/ UT
Middle ( 6th to 8th ) Painting/ Drawing/ Essay (up to 300 words)/ Poem Similarities in the Art and Culture of my state/UT with the paired state/ UT
Secondary ( 9th &10th ) Painting/ Drawing/ Essay (up to 500 words)/ Poem Art and Culture Unifies Us
Senior Secondary (11th & 12th) Painting/ Drawing/ Essay (up to 800 words)/ Poem What if I blend the Art and Culture of my state/UT with the paired state/ UT!

Competition Language

Entries (Paragraph/ Essay/ Poem) can be submitted in Hindi/ English or any one of the 22 scheduled languages.

How To Participate?

Conduct of Expression Series at the School Level:
1. Schools shall themselves conduct the Expression Series on the above topics from 7th to 19th December, 2020.
2. Information of the Expression Series should be given to all students, through the means of communication adopted by schools since March 2020.
3. For entries, i.e. Essays/ Paragraphs/ Paintings/Poems, participants can prepare a sheet as per the format given in Annexure II or use a sheet with all details as given therein.
4. Details of participant must be written on each sheet used for submitting the entry.
5. Schools may invite entries from students through e-mail ID/ any other mode.
6. After collecting the entries, schools shall evaluate them and shortlist one entry per category for onward submission to CBSE.
7. Evaluation mechanism can be devised by schools themselves.

Submission of Shortlisted Entries by Schools to CBSE:
1. Schools can submit the shortlisted entries from 21st to 31st December 2020 using an android phone through CBSE Expression Series App available at Google Playstore.
2. For guidelines of the process of submission, please see Annexure III.
3. Each participant will get an online certificate of participation at his/ her registered email ID after the successful submission of entry.
4. Ten Best entries of each category will be selected at the regional level by all CBSE regions for onward submission to CBSE.
5. From the entries received from all CBSE regions, 3 best entries of each category will be selected and uploaded on the CBSE website.
6. The decision/ result given by the evaluation committee shall be final and no communication will be entertained in this regard.

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