Chill With Bingo


Contest Chill With Bingo Contest 2021
ITC Limited
Eligibility Indian Citizens
Prize Drinking mugs, Playing cards, Popcorn bowl, Aviator sunglasses, Headphone, Bean bag, Bluetooth portable speaker, Karaoke set, Collectible playing chips, Multimedia speaker system, Gaming console, Recliner
Last Date 31st August 2021
Official Website

Chill With Bingo Contest 2021

The Bingo! “Chill With Bingo!” Contest is organized by ITC Limited. Participation in this Contest is purely voluntary.

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Chill With Bingo Contest Eligibility 2021

The Contest is open only for Indian Citizens aged 18 years or above who are currently residing in India.

Chill With Bingo Contest Period 2021

The Contest shall be live from 00:00 hours on 01.06.2021 and shall close on 31.08.2021. A day for the requirement of the Contest Period is 00:00 hours to 23:59 hours of a particular day.

How To Participate In The Chill With Bingo Contest 2021?

1. To participate in the Contest, Participant should follow the following steps:
• Scan the QR Code available on the Bingo! potato chips or flat chips packs for Rs. 10 and Rs. 20 or advertisements on Bingo! social media handles, available at and
• The Participant would be redirected to the Contest Website where they would be required to enter their details.
• The Participant shall choose five (5) items as their preferred chilling partners, and provide a creative answer as to what their idea of chilling with Bingo! is.

2.From all of the valid entries received during the Contest Period, based on creativity, uniqueness, and originality of the entries, the best entries will be selected and awarded prizes.

3.A Participant can submit multiple entries, but will not be eligible to receive more than one Prize.

4.Entries which are incomplete or not in the format specified in these Terms and Conditions will not be considered to be valid.

Chill With Bingo Contest Prizes 2021

• Drinking mugs
• Playing cards
• Popcorn bowl
• Aviator sunglasses
• Headphone
• Bean bag
• Bluetooth portable speaker
• Karaoke set
• Collectible playing chips
• Multimedia speaker system
• Gaming console
• Recliner

Chill With Bingo Contest Winners Announcement 2021

The winners of the best entries will be declared on the Contest Website on a weekly basis i.e. the Winners for a particular week shall be declared at the end of that week.

Chill With Bingo Contest Winners Selection 2021

A Winner shall be selected for every 6 minutes of the Contest Period i.e. 10 Winners shall be selected every hour of the Contest Period and 240 winners shall be selected each day of the Contest Period.

Chill With Bingo Contest Contacting Winners 2021

The Winners will be contacted through Whatsapp or phone call by the ITC Bingo! team for verification and delivery of Prizes. The Participant and/or Winner will be asked to send their contact details to ITC, as per the request of ITC.

Chill With Bingo Contest Helpdesk

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