Coca-Cola India Christmas with Coke Contest 2020


Announcement Christmas with Coke Contest 2020
Coca-Cola India Private Limited
Eligibility Individuals residing in India
Prize Zomato Cash Voucher
Last Date 25th December 2020
Official Website

Coca-Cola Christmas with Coke Game

Christmas with Coke Game is a consumer promotion launched by Coca-Cola India Private Limited, wherein individuals will get an opportunity to win the following prizes under the Promotion by playing a game on, in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

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1. The Promotion shall be valid for the individuals residing in India
2. Must have attained 18 (eighteen) years of age
3. Own a valid cellular GSM or CDMA phone connection that is accessible at all times

Contest Period

This Promotion will commence on December 1, 2020 and will continue until December 25, 2020.

How To Play?

1. Log on to Christmas with Coke Game and enter their name and registered mobile number;
2. Enter Unique Code found behind the label of 2.25L Coca-Cola.
3. Play Christmas with Coke Game and
4. Share their final score on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

Game Rules

1. The Participant shall have 5 lives at the beginning of the game.
2. On game screen gifts will fall from top and user will have to collect those by tapping on them.
3. Every 30 seconds, a Coke bottle will fall down in the game. If the user taps on that bottle, then he/she will enter into a booster zone of 5 seconds where only the golden gift will fall. Tapping on those items will give users a 2x score.
4. After booster zone, one Multiple Choice Question(MCQs) will appear on the screen and the main gameplay will be paused.
5. There will be a timer of 10 secs to answer each MCQ. Users will get 100 points if they choose the correct option.
6. If the user doesn’t answer in 10 seconds, then MCQs will close automatically. Users will not be penalised for the wrong answer or for not answering.
7. After every MCQ, the speed of the falling gifts will increase marginally.
8. Missing one falling gift would result in loss of one life within the game.
9. The game ends when the user misses 5 falling gifts within the gameplay.
10. The Participant must score at least one (1) point in the Christmas with Coke Game in order to be eligible for the Prize under the Promotion.
11. In case of a tie, the earliest entry during that day will be considered as a better rank.
12. It is hereby clarified that a fresh daily leaderboard shall be created each day under the Promotion and no scores of the previous day shall be carried forward to the next day.
13. The grand prize leaderboard will be maintained basis overall score calculated basis each gameplay by a Participant during the entire duration of the Promotion i.e. from 1st December 2020 to 25th December 2020.
14. Entry by proxy is not permitted. Participants can only enter in their own name.


1. Each day under the Promotion, top twenty (20) Participants on the basis of their best scores of that day in the game, shall win INR 500 Zomato Cash Voucher.
2. A Participant can play the Christmas with Coke Game multiple times during the Promotion Period, however he may win the Daily Prize only once under the Promotion.
3. On the Promotion end date i.e. 25th December, top hundred (100) Participants on the basis of their overall(cumulative) scores, till that day in the game, on the grand prize leader board, shall win the following “Grand Prizes”:
4. Participants with top five (5) best scores on the grand prize leaderboard shall win Sony Headphones worth INR 15000 and INR 500 Zomato cash voucher. 
5. Participants with next ninety-five (95) best scores on the grand prize leaderboard shall win INR 500 Zomato cash voucher. 
6. It is hereby clarified that the Daily Prize, Grand Prize Rank 1-5 and Prize Rank 6-100 shall individually be known as Prize and collectively as Prizes.

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