Exam Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Test 2021
Conducted By
Eligibility Students from Grades/Classes 6, 7 and 8
Prize Cash Prizes, Medals, Annual Premium Subscription and Cool Maths Merchandise
Exam Date May 9, 2021
Official Website

Countingwell Ramanujan Maths Scholarship 2021

Participate in Countingwell Ramanujan Maths Scholarship and win cash prizes & rewards from your home & directly from your phone.

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Ramanujan Maths Scholarship 2021 Benefits

Countingwell Ramanujan Maths Scholarship helps you sharpen up your core Maths skills and prepares you for the new class & provides you with an oppurtnity to win Cash Scholarship and other exciting prizes.

Ramanujan Maths Scholarship 2021 Eligibility

Countingwell Ramanujan Mathematics Scholarship is for students from Grades 6, 7 and 8, CBSE or any other State Boards following the NCERT Syllabus.

How To Participate In Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Test 2021?

• Get the Countingwell App & register yourself
• Set yourself up for the Scholarship test by completing the Refresher Course
• Go take the test on May 9th 2021 at 4.00 PM

There is no fee for the Countingwell Ramanujan Mathematics Scholarship Test, you simply need to download Countingwell and sign up.

How To Take Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Test 2021?

Countingwell Ramanujan Mathematics Scholarship Test is an online, app-based test. You are not required to be physically present at a test center.

How To Prepare For Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Test 2021?

When you download the Countingwell app, you can practice for the scholarship test with the app. You should complete the refresher course for your class by going through the “Refresher” section in the countingwell app. This refresher covers the topics you learnt in the previous year and will also prepare you for your new academic year. Once you complete the course, take the assessment at the end of the course to qualify. We encourage you to review daily and prepare for the test on the app.

Ramanujan Maths Scholarship 2021 Prizes

Cash Prizes & Medals:
Rs. 1 Lakh Cash Prizes for Top 10 Students.

Countingwell Annual Premium Subscription:
Bite-sized learning for King sized results.

Cool Maths Merchandise:
Certificates, Badges, T-shirts & more.

Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Test 2021 Dates

Countingwell Ramanujan Maths Scholarship Test is scheduled for Sunday, May 9, 2021. The test will occur live at 4 PM on the countingwell app.

The app is designed to help students like you learn maths in an easy and fun manner by just spending 20 minutes daily. It matches your school curriculum and will be a very helpful aid to your classroom learning. You can either continue with the free version or upgrade to premium to get unlimited access including doubt solving.

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