Contest Create With Alpenliebe Contest 2021
Conducted By
Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Limited
Eligibility Kids
Prize Win a Master Class With ROB
Last Date 28th December 2021
Official Website https://www.alpenliebe.co.in/#contest

Create With Alpenliebe Contest 2021

Alpenliebe is the flagship brand of Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Limited and a leader in the confectionery market. Momspresso is among the best Parenting Videos and Blogs from Mommy Bloggers and Experts. Both will jointly organize this Social Media Contest

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Create With Alpenliebe Contest Eligibility 2021

Parents of the participating kids can also participate along with them. However, any participant providing false information with respect to age shall be disqualified, at any stage, when such false information is detected.

Create With Alpenliebe Contest Period 2021

The contest will run in between 17.12.2021 to 28.12.2021.

How to Participate in the Create With Alpenliebe Contest 2021?

The contest shall be conducted online on PVMI’s microsite related to the brand Alpenliebe at https://www.alpenliebe.co.in/ and Momspresso’s social media channels – Facebook & Instagram.

Submit Your Entries Here

Create With Alpenliebe Contest Terms 2021

• There shall be no entry fee for participating in this contest.
• It is desirable that the participant should follow Instagram handles @alpenliebeindia and @momspresso, to stay updated on the contest.
• It is desirable that the Participant should tag his/her friends as well as the Alpenliebe’s IG / FB page and use # hash tags.
• It is made clear that no other brand shall be seen in the entries or to be tagged by the Participant. In case of such an event, the same shall lead to disqualification forthwith from the Contest.
• From amongst the participants who submit their entries, Art Influencer will select the winner(s).
• The criteria of selection of the winning entry shall solely depend on the skillsets demonstrated by the participants in the course of the contest.
• The winning entries will be hosted on the Perfetti and Momspresso Microsite and might be posted on the brand website.
• The winner(s) will be eligible to receive a prize. However , the winner(s) cannot claim any alternative item or cash in lieu of the prize won by him /her.
• Each participant expressly agrees that any content for participation which is provided vide his/her entry in the contest is the sole property of Perfetti and Momspresso and the participant hereby specifically disclaims his/her rights, title and interest on such content.
• Each participant expressly agrees that by his/her participation in the contest, Perfetti and Momspresso along with their associates, affiliates and agents can use the personal information in any media or future promotional, publicity and marketing activities subject to applicable privacy and data protection laws.
•  No cost or compensation will be paid to the participant for the usage of such data.

• Perfetti and Momspresso shall have the right to share the participants’ data with any governmental or regulatory body, of so required to do so by law, rule or statute and in compliance of any valid order of a Competent Court of law, governmental agency or legal process.

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