Olympiad CSC Academy Olympiads 2021
Conducted By CSC Academy
Eligibility Students of Classes 3 to 12
Prize Certificates, Awards, Course Offer
Last Date 31st March 2021
Official Website

CSC Academy Olympiads 2021

Online registration has started for CSC Academy Olympiads for year 2021

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Olympiads Categories

1. National Hindi Olympiad-CANHO
2. National Mathematics Olympiad-CANMO
3. National Science Olympiad-CANSO
4. National Physics Olympiad-CANPO
5. National Chemistry Olympiad-CANCHO
6. National English Olympiad-CANEO
7. National General Knowledge Olympiad-CANGO
8. National Cyber Olympiad-CANCO
9. National Logical Reasoning-CANLR

CSC Olympiad Benefits

1. Conceptual Knowledge
2. Grade Level Learning
3. Multiple Reports
4. Improvement in School Grades

How To Register?

1. Visit CSC Academy Olympiad Website 
2. Fill form and
3. Submit

Registration Fee

Registration charges are Rs. 150/- per Olympiad

How To Take Exam?

1. Remote Proctoring online Platform will be used for fare assessment.
2. The exam will be conducted in a highly secured environment on cloud.
3. This will be a timed and open test.
4. You can practise test with sample questions.
5. The exam will be a remote proctored examination.
6. The application will capture and verify digital identification as verification.
7. Candidate needs to login using his/her login credentials. (ID and password).
8. It tracks candidate’s face and also tracks if there is any doubt of proxy or more than one candidate taking test i.e. impersonation will be auto flagged and test will be paused until candidate resume on its genuine position.
9. The application tracks activity on the user’s monitor screen, provides warning or terminates the test if any unwarranted application is opened during the test. i.e. browsing tolerance will be zero during the test
10. Exams are displayed full-screen browser and cannot be minimized. And if its done test will be treated as finished.
11. Exams cannot be exited until submitted by users.
12. Switching between tests or access to other applications is prohibited.
13. Print, Print Screen and capturing functions are disabled.
14. Copying and pasting anything to and from an assessment is prohibited.
15. Right-click menu options and function keys are disabled.
16. Audio and video chat streaming to proctor the exam remotely.
17. High speed internet, webcam and power back up is must during the test.
18. USB, VGA and HDMI projection will be not possible.


1. Participation Certificates (Digital) to all the students and student who secure 70% and above will get certificate of excellence.
2. Detailed performance Analysis report.
3. CSC Academy Course Offer.
4. Chance to win awards.

Important Dates

1. All subject Registration start from 19th Jan’21
2. Registration will be close 31st March’21
3. CSC Olympiad 2.0 exam will start from 20th April’21 (Tentative date)


Email: Olympiad[at]cscacademy[dot]org
Phone: 18001213468

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