Contest FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] 2021
Conducted By
Eligibility XII Pass Students
Prize Win Scholarship
Last Date 8th October 2021
Official Website https://www.fiitjee-ftre.com/about.html

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] 2021

FTRE is a must for all serious XII Pass Students aspiring for success in JEE Advanced 2022, irrespective of their joining FIITJEE or not, as JEE Advanced 2022 is their last chance to secure a seat in the prestigious IITs.

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FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Eligibility 2021

XII Pass Students committed to secure a Top Rank in JEE Main & JEE Advanced 2022

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Registration 2021

• For Online Registration, please log on to FIITJEE FTRE
• For Registration through Mobile, please visit FIITJEE FTRE Mobile
• For Paper Registration, the student has to fill the Registration form and submit it along with a unique ID (Aadhar card or proof of date of birth) at the nearest FIITJEE Centre.

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Registration Fee 2021

Registration Fee : Rs. 300/- (inclusive of Tax as applicable)

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Scholarship 2021

FTRE Rank Total Cash Scholarship (in Rs.) Tuition Fee Waiver on FIITJEE Program* (in %) Hostel Expenses Support
1 1,50,000 100% Students who show a clear Potential to secure a Rank in Top 500 in JEE Advanced 2022 will be given Hostel Expenses Support
FIITJEE will pay their Room Rent. However, Students will have to bear the food and other personal expenses.
2 90,000 100%
3 60,000 100%
4 to 10 45,000 100%
11 to 20 36,000 90%
21 to 50 30,000 75%
51 to 100 24,000 50%
101 to 200 10,000 50%

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Terms 2021

• Cash scholarships, fee waivers on FIITJEE program & Hostel Fee Waiver will be decided on the basis of performance in the FTRE test.

• All the candidates will have to perform well in the Aptitude Test, Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and clear grand total cut-off as well as individual subject cut-off Marks to be eligible.

• In case, less than 200 Students score above the minimum eligibility marks, then the number of Students eligible for cash prizes will be altered respectively.

• The final discretion of awarding the Cash Scholarships, Fee Waivers on FIITJEE program & Hostel Fee Waiver will remain with FIITJEE and its decision will be final and binding on the candidate.

• To get the Cash Scholarship & Hostel Fee Waiver, one has to enrol in One Year Classroom Program / One Year Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Advanced 2022 (The batches will commence on 23rd October 2021).

• Total Cash Scholarship will be divided in equal quarterly installments and disbursed from October 2021 to the month of JEE Advanced 2022.

• Minimum attendance of 90% and relative good performance in phase tests during the course will be a criterion for eligibility for continuity of disbursement of quarterly cash scholarship.

• The final discretion in each case will remain with FIITJEE and this decision will be final and binding on the candidate.

• Cash Scholarships will be paid to Students through a crossed cheque and shall be in favour of the Student only.

• Hostel Fee Waiver is valid only for FIITJEE’s associate hostels / lodging and boarding facilities made available through FIITJEE, subject to the student joining that particular hostel and availability of seats.

• The waivers will be given monthly between October 2021 to the month of JEE Advanced 2022 and only for the duration of classroom / contact program.

• The Hostel Fee Waiver will be paid directly to the hostel owner by FIITJEE. Hostel Fee waiver will continue till the month of JEE Advanced 2022 for Students who will qualify for JEE Advanced 2022.

• Hostel fee concessions (if any) is for accommodation only. Food, transportation & other self expenses are to be borne by the Students.

• To avail this concession, Students must have Optimum Performance in Phase Tests & National Level Tests and a minimum of 90% monthly attendance in their respective Classes at FIITJEE. Hostel facility is available at select FIITJEE Centres only.

• FIITJEE Classroom Program Students already enrolled in One Year Extended Classroom Program / One Year Extended Live Online Classroom Program for JEE Advanced 2022 can appear in FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam (FTRE) to find out their current level of preparation and their projected Rank in JEE Advanced 2022.

• However, they will be entitled for cash scholarships only, and they will continue with their existing classroom / Live online program. The cash scholarship cannot be adjusted or refunded. FIITJEE Students will also be entitled for rewards as per their actual performance in JEE Advanced, JEE Main & Olympiads.

• The registered office of FIITJEE is at New Delhi. All disputes and differences of any nature whatsoever shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator appointed by the Management of FIITJEE Ltd. 

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Important Dates 2021

• Last Date to Register : 8th October 2021
• Exam Date : Sunday, 10th October 2021
• Result Declaration Date : 15th October 2021
• Batch Commencement : 23rd October 2021

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam [FTRE] Helpdesk 2021

Email : info@fiitjee.com

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