Contest #SpiritofCreativity Art Project Contest 2021
Conducted By
Eligibility All age groups
Prize Grand Prize Worth Rs.50,000
Last Date 8th August 2021
Official Website https://theartproject.in/default.aspx

HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021

After its stupendous success last year, The Art Project is back. So wear those creative hats again and get ready to showcase your artistic side to the world. You can also invite your friends and family to participate and vote for you.

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HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021 Categories

• Fine Arts
• Visual Arts
• Performing Arts

HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021 Eligibility

People of all age groups can participate in this contest.

Age groups for Fine arts would be
• 0-9 years
• 9-16 years
• 16 years & above

Age group for Visual arts would be
• 16 Years & above.

Age group of Performing arts would be
• 0-9 years
• 9-16 years
• 16 years & above

How To Participate In The HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021?

• Visit the HDFC Bank Art Project website
• To participate, click on the ‘Participate Now’ button on the home page, fill in your required details, register and upload an image or a video of your work.
• Your submission will be validated within 36 to 48 hours and from then onwards your entry will be eligible for the main jury shortlisting process.
• Once your submission is shortlisted, you will receive an email of approval with a link to your gallery on the microsite.
• For the Popular Choice Award and to increase your chances of winning the contest, you are required to share your entry on mentioned social media platforms and gain as many votes as possible.
• Each participant’s profile and votes will be evaluated by our team, which are then entitled for various categories of gratification.
• Entry once submitted, cannot be changed or deleted.

HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021 Prizes

• Grand Prize Worth Rs.50,000
• 2nd Prize Worth Rs.20,000
• 3rd Prize Worth Rs.10,000
• Popular Choice Award Rs.20,000

HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021 Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

• Creativity and originality
• Quality and execution
• Most popular artwork on social media (for popular choice award)

HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021 Contacting Winners

• The winners will be notified by email/call using the email address/phone number that you provided when creating your account.
• In case of children, this email address is most likely that of the individual that submitted the artwork or on behalf of a minor artist.
• If you provide an incorrect email address, we will not be able to contact you and thus the participant will not know they have won and will not receive their prize.

HDFC Bank Art Project Contest 2021 Last Date

All entries should be submitted before 23:59 IST on the 8th August 2021.

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