Announcement IMCTF Online Thematic Competition 2020
Conducted By
Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation [IMCTF]
Eligibility Students studying classes I to XII
Prize Cash Prizes and Certificates
Competition Dates 03rd to 14th December 2020
Official Website

IMCTF Online Thematic Competition

Thematic Competitions are structured on the basis of our native traditions, culture, arts and traditional games. These are scientifically connected and implemented in contemporary style, to popularize and create awareness in schools about values. It’s a theme based competitions.

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This would create an academic and social eco-system in which values will be celebrated and building values will be recognized as a critical function integral to education itself.

Who Can Participate?

1. Students studying classes I to XII.
2. Vedic Mathematics : For Classes III to XII Only
3. Thematic Quiz : For Classes VI to XII Only

Competition Level

1.Competitions will be conducted at three levels. School level/ Zonal level/ Final level
2. School wise selected students will represent zonal level.
3. Zonal level winners will move to final level.

How To Register?

Register Online 

Competition Rules

Individual Events

1. For participation of an event, complete registration process in
2. Participant can register for one and only one event.
3. Demo video will be available for uploading the content.
4. Students personal details like name, school and they should not wear school uniform during participation / appear anywhere in the video
5. Adhere time limit for Video preparation and video/file size should not exceed 75mb

Group Events

1. Students belong to the same locality or living in gated community or neighbours or friends can form a group according to the events.
2. Students of the same group may or may not belong to the same school.
3. One student of the group can be the leader. He / she can register in the his/her group for the event under his / her school name.
4. The leader should register the members of his / her group in the website.
5. Each group can assign a name based on our culture. (God’s name, River’s name, Hill’s name, Fruit’s, Leaders name etc.)
6. No fantasy name is allowed
7. Native Games can be conducted between the groups with the help of parents or volunteers.
8. Strictly adhere to the rules of the competition.
9. The entire video to be uploaded in the website.


1. Final level winners (First, second & third) will be awarded cash award and certificates.
2. Cash prizes Rs. 1500, 1000 & 750 for individual competitions and Rs. 1000,750 & 500 for group competitions (each member of the group) with certificates will be awarded to the students.

Important Dates

1. Thematic quiz and Vedic Mathematics competition will be conducted on particular date and specified time in the month of December 2020.
2. Final level – 23rd & 24th Dec 2020
3. Final level winners will be informed on 1st Jan 2021 in the IMCTF website.
4. Prize Distribution – Date will be informed later.


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