Announcement  Bose Einstein Scholarship Test 2021
Conducted By JMMC Research Foundation
Eligibility V – XII Class Students + Graduation Class
Scholarship Amount Rs. 15,000/- per month
Last Date 15th March, 2021
Official Website

JMMC Bose Einstein Scholarship Test

JMMC Research Foundation is organising a Math Talent search examination Bose Einstein Scholarship Test 2021 for students, in association with international research scholars & mentors who are established persons in many globally recognized universities and research organization, viz. Leeds University, Berlin University, Oklahoma State University, Michigan State University.

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Who Can Apply?

On 30th January 2021 students must read in the following respective classes.

1. Pre -foundation Level (A) : Candidates of class V
2. Pre -foundation Level (B) : Candidates of class VI
3. Foundation Level (A) : Candidates of class VII
4. Foundation Level (B) : Candidates of class VIII
5. Intermediate Level (A) : Candidates of class IX
6. Intermediate Level (B) : Candidates of class X
7. Upper Intermediate Level (A) : Candidates of class XI
8. Upper Intermediate Level (B) : Candidates of class XII
9. Major Level : Students of Graduation classes

Scholarship Amount

1. Duration of the scholarship is 12 months ( JUNE 2021 to MAY 2022)
2. Scholarship amount is Rs. 15,000/- per month. (ie. Total Scholarship Amount for every B. E. S. T 2021 qualified student is Rs. 1,80,000/- )
3. Exposure to Seminars, Workshops, Research based project works.

Registration Fee

Each form for enrolment in the said examination costs Rs. 630/- .

How To Apply?

Candidates may apply online through the designated link available in our website where application fee Rs. 630/- (non refundable) may be paid through Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card .

How To Give Exam?

All the students who will appear for the 13th JMMC Math talent Search examination on 27.12.2020 have received the student code/ user ID and password through our approval mail/sms or whatsapp message.The timing for the examination will be different for each class. All students are requested to strictly adhere to the timing of exam as mentioned in our website.

1. Visit our website and log in just 5 minutes before the scheduled time of exam.
2. Type the student code/ user ID and password. This will lead to the Student’s account page.
3. Click on “Give exam”.
4. Select “Subject” and proper exam for your class from the drop-down list. DO NOT SELECT any of the options in “Chapter” or ” Faculty”.
5. After this the exam details page will come up showing the “Attend exam” button.
6. Click on “Attend exam” and start your exam.
7. There will be 60 questions. Each question will have 4 options/answers. Select the correct answer by clicking on the check box beside each option.
8. After you complete each question click on “submit answer” button.
9. If you’re unsure about any question click on the “next” button and you can revert back to the question in doubt by clicking on the “back” button. But your answer will not be approved until you click on “submit answer ” button. After the completion of all questions click on “complete examination” button. Kindly ensure that you click on the “complete examination” button or else your exam will remain incomplete. Finally you must log out at the end of the examination.

Important Dates

1. The Last date of submission of forms : 15th March, 2021
2. Exam (MTA & MTB) Date : 18Th April, 2021 (Sunday)
3. Interview Date : 9th May,2021 (Sunday)
4. Winners Announcement : 17th May, 2021 ( Monday ) at 11 pm


Contacts: +913325224106 , +918585856766

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