Karnataka ePASS Hostel Renewal Application 2020-21


Announcement Hostel Renewal Application 2020-21
Sponsored By
Karnataka Department of Backward Classes Welfare [ePASS]
Eligibility BC Students
State Karnataka
Last Date 2020
Official Website https://karepass.cgg.gov.in/

Karnataka ePASS Hostel Renewal

Hostel facility is initiated by the Department of Backward Classes Welfare, Government of Karnataka.

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Pre Matric Hostels

Pre-school/ Girls Hostels are being opened and maintained to encourage students from backward classes to continue their primary and secondary education .

There are 1340 pre-matriculated dormitories (1055 boys and 285 girls) in the backward classes welfare with a total of 69842 students being admitted to 54731 and 15111 respectively .

The following facilities are offered in pre-matrics:
1. Providing food to each student for a period of 10 months at a cost of Rs.1300/ -.
2.Free accommodation.
3. Supply of uniforms with 2 per year per student.
4. Other expenses for each student for a period of 10 months
5. Cost of haircut for each student for 10 months at Rs. 50 /-
6. Issue of Textbook and Article materials per student at a cost of Rs. 200 / – per annum.
7. Payment of medical expenses to each student for a period of 10 months at the rate of Rs.500/-.
8. Supply of mattresses once every 3 years.
10. To teach three short-lived preachers with respect to Maheyana as Rs.11.000/ – per annum for the purchase of newspaper and magazine for each student.

Post Matric Hostels

Government / government-recognized higher education institutions, post-matriculation courses like PUC, degree, masters degree, BE, MBBS, Diploma, students of backward classes, studying courses vrttisiksana etc.

The following facilities are being offered in post-matric dormitories:
1. Provide food expenditure for each student for a period of 10 months at a cost
2. Free accommodation.
3. Each student’s residence costs Rs.1000 for a period of 10 months to cover the cost.
4. The dormitory with the sanction number 50 is Rs. 600 and the sanctioned number is more than 50 cost of galvanized containers for 1000
5. Toilet Cleaner Rs.1250 / – will be spent.

How To Apply?

Online applications are now open for Hostel Registration Renewal 2020-21. Guidelines for Apply Online, View Notifications/GOs Section.

Check Hostel Application Status

Student can check the status of Online Application by selecting the “Hostel Application Status” link from Student Services drop down list. And fulfill the form with appropriate details in specified fields.

Print Application / Acknowledgement

Student can print the Hostel Application / Acknowledgement by selecting the following link “Print Application / Acknowledgement” and fulfill the form with appropriate details in specified fields.

Last Date

Last date for Hostel Registration Renewal 2020-21will be updated soon.


Email : bcwd[dot]hostels[at]karnataka[dot]gov[dot]in

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