Department Karnataka State Police [KSP]
Service Apply For Karnataka Covid19 ePass Online
Eligibility Residents of Karnataka
Official Website https://ksp.gov.in/index.aspx

KSP Clear Covid19 Pass

The KSP CLEAR Pass is meant to be issued during lockdown period and during the duration of the lockdown. However, duration for which it is issued is at the discretion of the Karnataka State Police.

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Who Can Apply For KSP Clear Pass?

Only organizations & agencies engaged in the following activities can apply for the passes.

1. Banking / Insurance
2. Capital/Debt Market
3. Emergency Travel
4. Goods manufacturer
5. Goods Storage
6. Goods transportation
7. Govt Agency
8. Hotel/Lodges
9. IT/ITES/BT – Critical
10. IT /ITES/BT –Facility
11. Medical Establishments
12. OnlineDelivery/e-Commerce
13. Petrol, Gas, LPG
14. Power/Electricity
15. Press/Media
16. Private Security
17. Ration/Grocery
18. Telecom/Internet
19. Volunteer
20. Other Emergency

How To Apply For KSP Clear Pass?

• Visit KSP Clear Pass Website 
• Enter personal details of the organization representative.
• Please change the Firewall settings if you’re unable to access the Sign Up page
• Enter additional organization details.
• You are required to enter your Organization’s PAN number
• Please select the Jurisdiction Police Station for your organization carefully as all pass requests will be sent here
• Enter the 6-digit codes sent to your registered mobile number and email for verification.
• Please note these are two separate codes you will need to provide for successful verification.
• Check your spam folder in case you don’t receive the OTP in your inbox.
• Once approved, an SMS will be sent to the representative’s mobile number with the link to the Admin Dashboard.
• Enter your registered email to sign in or whenever you want to create extra passes.
• Please ensure that the number of pass requests do not exceed the number approved for your organisation by the authorities or it is likely to be rejected.
• Your registration request is successfully created and sent to the KSP officers for approval.
• Due to high volumes, your approval from KSP Officers might be delayed.
• You will receive an Email on successful approval/denial
• Please specify a reason to access the Admin Dashboard or request passes.
• You may upload supporting documents and then click ‘Next’ to continue.
• Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number/ email for verification.
• Check your spam folder in case you don’t receive the OTP
• Please enter the verification code sent to your Mobile Number/ Email
• You can track the status of your request in the ‘Your Requests’ section.
• You can print passes from here for your approved requests in Landscape mode.
• To create passes for multiple employees, select ‘Bulk Request’ in the ‘New Pass Request’ section in the right side panel.
• Enter details and upload a .csv file as per the template provided.
• Please ensure that the number of pass requests do not exceed the number approved for your organisation by the authorities or it is likely to be rejected.
• You can check your ‘Active Passes Quota’ in the right panel of the dashboard, under ‘Your Requests’.
• Only 100 employees can be added in a single bulk request.
• You will need to wait for at least 30 minutes to raise another bulk request
• You can print the pass in Landscape mode. Make sure that the entire content of the pass is downloaded before you take the print
• Once a bulk request is created, you can preview details of the employees you are generating a bulk request for by clicking on ‘View Details’ for that request in the ‘Your Requests’ section.

KSP Clear Pass FAQs

1) What do employees need to carry when they leave home?
In addition to the pass (either on their smart phone or a print out of the pass), employees need to carry a Government issued Photo ID and a company ID.

2) What if the passes are not approved?
No person can leave home during lockdown in Bengaluru City without KSP CLEAR Pass or an Emergency pass issued by local police authorities of their Jurisdiction. You can escalate the matter to your jurisdictional DCP for reconsideration of your request for passes.

3) Where is this pass valid?
This pass is valid in Bengaluru City Limits.

4) Who is authorising my pass?
The Bengaluru City Police is issuing the KSP CLEAR pass.

5) Will this pass be valid out side Bengaluru?
No, this pass is only valid within Bengaluru City limits.

6) How many passes can I get for my company?
This depends on the approval limit set by the Bengaluru City Police. The KSP CLEAR Passes are issued in extremely limited numbers so as not to hamper critical services of your organizations while ensuring the lockdown is successfully implemented.

7) Can these passes be used for inter state movement?
No, they can’t be used for interstate movement. Any emergencies for travel by individuals for within Bengaluru City or for outstation, should approach the jurisdiction police stations and / or concerned Deputy Commissioner of Police offices.

8) I haven’t received an OTP?
You may be in an area with poor network or connectivity. Try using a different phone number (if possible) or restarting your phone. Alternatively call our helplines 080-22942330, 22942200

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