Kerala Tourism Cuisine International Online Cooking Competition 2020


Announcement Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020 (KCC2020)
Kerala Tourism
Eligibility All Non-Keralites residing outside Kerala
Prize Family Tour to Kerala
Last Date 21st June, 2021
Official Website

Kerala Cuisine Contest

Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020 (KCC2020), an International Online Cooking Competition organised by the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala.

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Contest Theme

The theme of Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020 is ‘Embrace Kerala in Your Kitchen’. Hence, the evaluation of entries will be done mainly on the basis of how best the participants can bring in the elements of Kerala’s traditional culinary styles in their video presentation.

Who Can Participate?

Kerala Cuisine Contest 2020, International Online Cooking Competition is open to all Non-Keralites residing outside Kerala, within India and abroad. There is no age limit.

Contest Period

The Contest begins on December 21, 2020 and will conclude on June 21, 2021

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee for this Contest.

How To Participate?

1. Participants can Register through the link provided in the Kerala Tourism website. 

2. Entries should be submitted only after registration. After logging in, participants may share their videos using the following options:

a. Upload the videos directly in the Contest page
b. Email videos to Contest admin
c. Share videos through File Transfer options like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
d.Share via WhatsApp

3. Each participant can upload up to a maximum of five videos, one each on five different recipes
4. Over 100 videos of traditional, easy-to-follow vegetarian and non-vegetarian Kerala cuisine recipes will be on display on the website.
5. Registered participants are expected to shoot a video in which they themselves can be seen preparing a Kerala dish at home, inspired by any of the recipe videos of Kerala Tourism.
6. The language of communication is left to the participant’s personal choice
7. The minimum duration of the video shot by the participant shall be 3 minutes and the maximum, 5 minutes.
8. The file size of one entry shall not exceed 500 MB.


1. The Top 10 winners along with their families will be offered an exciting trip to Kerala, post COVID-19 in the financial year 2021.
2. A seven-night trip to Kerala will be offered to five non-Keralite winners along with their families from India and to five non-Keralite winners along with their families from abroad (max. 4 members from a family, including the winner).
3. The tour package will cover travel, accommodation and food.
4. The winners will have to accept the timing of the trip offered by Kerala Tourism, and it will not be altered or modified for the convenience of the winners.


In case of any technical issues while uploading videos, participants may write to

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