Announcement Mindler Scholarship Hunt 2020
Conducted By
Eligibility Only For Class 12th Students
Prize Top 10 students will get 50% scholarship
Last Date 2oth December 2020
Official Website https://scholarship.mindler.com/

Mindler Scholarship Hunt

The Mindler Scholarship Hunt has been specially designed to identify and reward the students across various career domains by helping them connect with the Leading Universities of their choice. The scholarship is powered by the Best-in-class Scholarship Assessment that is going to assess the students on their unique talents and traits, which shall help in mapping the students to the best career domains.

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Mindler is the world’s most advanced career guidance platform. The award winning guidance framework used by Mindler has been developed by a team of top industry experts and researchers in the world. This perfect blend of career coaching, state-of-the-art technology tools and an unmatched passion are what make Mindler the first choice to every student to progress on the right path.


he Mindler Scholarship Hunt is only open to students studying in Class 12 and looking at admission in colleges in 2021. Students who graduated in 2020 and are still looking at admissions in 2021, can also apply.


1. Earn scholarships based on your talent from leading universities
2. Get comprehensive career profiling using Mindler Scholarship Assessment
3. Discover best-fit career paths and get in-depth insight on your unique talents and strengths
4. Explore courses and connect with universities in sync with your best-fit careers

How To Register?

Class12th students graduating in 2021 can Register 



1. Top 10 students will get 50% scholarship in an Indian University of their choice.
2. Over 3000 students to receive scholarships from participating partner universities.

Important Dates

1. Register for the Mindler Scholarship Hunt and complete your Profile to unlock the Scholarship Portal : Deadline 20th Dec 2020
2. Complete your scholarship assessment which evaluates your unique skills & talents : Deadline 20th Dec 2020
3. Fill in your preferences for universities and courses you wish to receive scholarship from : 10th – 20th Dec 2020
4. Result Announcement: 15th Jan 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the scholarships be based on my academics?
No, the basis of Scholarships will be the Mindler Career Assessment, which will analyse you on critical areas like Orientation Style, Interest, Personality, Aptitude and Emotional Intelligence. We will, of course, supplement this with your academics and extracurricular pursuits.

Will the scholarship cover all my expenses at university?
The specifics of the scholarship will be decided by the awarding university. In most cases, academic scholarships do not encompass living and boarding expenses. Please feel, however, to discuss the same with the awarding university.

Is the scholarship hunt particular to any stream?
No, any student studying in Class 12 irrespective of their subjects and streams can participate in the Mindler Scholarship Hunt.

Will I receive scholarships from all the participating universities?
No, your profiles will be reviewed by all the participating universities, and the universities interested in taking your application ahead will contact you for scholarships.

What kind of scholarships are available?
The scholarship mix will vary by the university, which will offer full and partial scholarships to deserving students.


Call : +91 87449 87449
Email : scholarship@mindler.com

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