Announcement Myntra Fashion Superstar Audition 2020 Season 2
Organised By Myntra Designs Private Limited
Channel Name MTV India
Eligibility Indian Citizens
Last Date 30th August 2020
Official Website https://interactivity.voot.com/

MTV Myntra Fashion Superstar Audition

Myntra Fashion Superstar is a reality television program organized by Myntra Designs Private Limited and being held, conducted and exploited on platforms of “MTV India”

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Myntra Fashion Superstar @ MTV is a quest to find the next internet sensation in the world of fashion. Participate now!


Participation is open to all individual participation who

1. If citizens of India and hold valid proof of citizenship
2. If foreign national, have all required permissions such as work permits, visas, statutory registration documents, etc. from relevant authorities
3. Are above 18 (eighteen) years of age;
4. Have and are able to provide a valid email address to Viacom18 when required;

Participation Period

Participation shall commence 15th August 2020 at 00:00 hours and shall conclude on 30th August 2020 at 12:00 midnight hours

How To Participate?

1. The viewers of the Program/ Participants desirous of participating herein to provide their responses to the participation question i.e “Introduce yourself and tell us your fashion journey and talk about your personal style”.

2. The Participation Question might be refreshed/changed and communicated from time to time to the viewers of the Program during the Participation Period, and Participants understand that the Participation Video  shall be strictly in relation to the Participation Question.

3. The Participation Question shall be displayed on the Audition banner visible on the home page/ Program page on the Voot App and/or Myntra App, and/or official Instagram handle of Myntra and/or on Channel of Viacom18.

4. Participants will be required to share their entry by recording their response to the Participation Question in the form of an audio-visual recording

Participation Platforms

Participant may choose to participate by submitting their Participation Video on any one or all the below stated participation platforms

Voot App:
Submit the Participation Video on the Voot App in the manner as instructed and detailed on the Voot App

Myntra App:
Submit the Participation Video on the Myntra App in the manner as instructed and detailed on the Myntra App.

Personal Platform Account on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter:
Submit the Participation Video on their Personal Platform Account on either Facebook or Instagram or Twitter in the manner as instructed and detailed on respective official social media handles of Myntra.

Video Requirements

Duration of the Participation Video:
The Participant shall ensure that the minimum duration of the Participation Video shall be of minimum 1 minute and maximum duration of the Participation Video shall be 1:30 minutes and any Participation Video exceeding the aforesaid criteria shall be rejected.

Size of the Participation Video:
The maximum permitted size of the Participation Video can be 50 MB.

Technical Specifications:
The Participation Video file can be uploaded by the Participant in the following formats: avi, mov, mp4, mpeg or any other regular video format.

Number of times the Participation Video can be sent/ uploaded:
The Participant may upload and/or submit his/her Participation Video through any of the Participation Mechanisms, multiple number of times before the Closing hours of the Participation Period.

Participants Selection

Each entry / Participation Video shall be adjudged by the jury engaged by Myntra/ Viacom18 for this Audition and evaluated basis the quality of the Participation Video and most creative responses of each entry and from amongst the Participants who have provided the most creative responses in the form of the Participation Video during the entire Participation Period and in accordance with the terms and conditions herein, will get one time opportunity to participate in the next rounds of auditions conducted either on-ground/ telephonic/ online video audition of the Program as determined by Myntra/Viacom18, subject to further terms and conditions as may be intimated by Viacom18 and/or the producer engaged for this Program.

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