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NCT Delhi Curfew ePass

Apply for ePass for Night Curfew from 10:00 PM to 05:00 AM & Weekend Curfew

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How To Apply For NCT Delhi Curfew ePass ?

1. Visit NCT Delhi Curfew ePass Website
2. Enter Asked Details
3. Upload Required Documents
4. Submit Form
5. Get ePass

How To Check ePass Application Status?

1. Visit ePass Application Status Page
2. Enter the 7 character ePass ID in the space provided
3. Check Status

ePass Instructions

ePass Not Required For Pregnant women and
• On production of Doctor’s prescription/medical papers / On production of valid I card patients for getting medical/health services along with attendant.
• On production of valid I card All private medical personnel such as doctors, nursing staff, paramedical, etc. and other hospital services (such as hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, medical oxygen suppliers and other medical & health services including incidental services/activities such as supply of medical instruments & consumables, sanitation, security etc.) .
• On production of valid ticket Person coming from/going to Airports/Railway stations/ISBTs allowed to travel .
• On production of valid Admit card Persons/students to appear in examination
• On production of valid I card Examination staff deployed for exam duties
• On production of valid I card / Service ID Card / Photo Entry Passes / Permission Letters issued by the court administration All Judicial officers / officials / staff members of all courts of Delhi (Hon’ble Supreme Court of India / Hon’ble High Court of Delhi / District Courts / Tribunals).
• On production of valid I card Officers/officials related to functioning of offices of Diplomats of various countries as well as persons holding any constitutional post.
• On production of valid I card Electronic and Print Media.
• On production of valid I card Officers / officials of Government of India, its Autonomous/Subordinate offices and PSUs, as per the restrictions imposed by Government of India.
• On production of valid I card

Officers/officials of GNCT of Delhi/Autonomous Bodies/Corporations involved in emergency services such as
• Health and Family Welfare and all related medical establishments,
• Police, Prisons, Home Guards, Civil Defence, Fire and emergency services
• District Administration, Pay & Account Office, GAD
• Electricity, Water and Sanitation,
• Public Transport (Air/Railways/Delhi Metro/Buses) including all incidental services/activities essential for smooth functioning of all modes of public transport (such as handling of cargo, ticketing, air freight station, CFS, ICD etc.).
• Disaster Management and related services,
• NIC, NCC and Municipal services, and all other essential services.
• Inter-state and intra-state movement/transportation of essential goods.

• e-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services, but do not have a valid(/Government) ID.
• This form is being launched only for such people.
• Others kindly DO NOT submit this form.
• Stay Home – Stay Safe!

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