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NCT Delhi Oxygen Cylinders Booking

Delhi Government Online Booking for Refilling of Oxygen Cylinders [Corona Relief]

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• Each district in Delhi has been assigned one re-filler for accessing its lump-sum allocation and the respective District Magistrates have been directed to supervise the management of the distribution of cylinders from the re-fillers to various recipients.

• However, as per reports, there are long queues at cylinder refilling plants, which is also leading to public safety and public health hazards.

• Hence, the government decided to streamline the entire system of distribution of lump-sum allocation under the supervision of District Magistrates. The move also aims to facilitate the public to access the cylinders with certainty.

Who Can Apply For Oxygen Cylinders Refilling?

All people/ individuals requiring oxygen for home isolation can apply on website with a valid photo ID, Aadhar card details, COVID-19 positive report and other documents such as CT scan report.

How To Book Oxygen Cylinders Refilling In Delhi Online?

1. Visit Oxygen Jantasamvad Website
2. Fill Form and Submit
3. Book Oxygen Cylinders Refilling

A streamlined system for online booking is being set up. You will soon be able to register requests through this website.

Important Notes

• The District Magistrates will ensure that an adequate number of office people will be assigned to scrutinize all incoming applications and issue the e-passes quickly as time is the essence in such cases. This will be accorded Top priority.

• The DMs shall identify dedicated dealers/ depots to distribute such cylinders to the individuals who shall not be directed to refilling plants under any circumstances.

• The DMs shall ensure that the dealers regularly get their cylinders refilled from the designated refilling plants.

• The DM will issue a pass containing the date, time and address of the dealer/ depot from where the oxygen cylinder can be issued/ exchanged. The DM must ensure that the filled oxygen cylinder is available before issuing the pass.

• The DM’s will further ensure that the distribution of lump-sum allocation is done judiciously and equitably between the individuals, any non-COVID Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Ambulances, SOS cylinders of COVID hospitals running on LMO.

• The DCs shall ensure that the committed supplies of the refilling plant for the hospitals

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    1. A streamlined system for online booking is being set up. You will soon be able to register requests through this website.

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