Odisha COVID-19


Department Government of Odisha
Service COVID-19 ePass for Registration for returning to Odisha from other states
Eligibility Residents of Odisha
Official Website https://covid19.odisha.gov.in/

Odisha COVID-19 ePass Portal

Government of Odisha COVID-19 ePass for Registration for returning to Odisha from other states.

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Who Can Apply For Odisha COVID-19 ePass?

Anyone who is travelling to Odisha by road is required to filling up the form.

How To Apply For Odisha COVID-19 ePass?

1. Visit Odisha COVID-19 ePass Portal
2. Fill Form and Submit
3. Get Pass

Odisha COVID-19 ePass FAQs

Can I return to Odisha?
Can return to Odisha ONLY after lockdown restrictions are removed.

Do I need to register for entry into Odisha?
Yes, into the Gram Panchayat or Urban Local Body area will be only after the registration through the Government Portal.

Why do I need to register with Govt. of Odisha to return to Odisha?
In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, all the persons returning to Odisha will have to undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine as a precautionary measure. Government will be creating quarantine facilities in the Gram Panchayats and Urban Local Body areas. The registration is required for the Government to make the required arrangements for the Quarantine.

How do I Register?
• Quarantine involves the restriction of movement, or separation from the rest of the population, of healthy persons who may have been exposed to the virus, with the objective of monitoring their symptoms and ensuring early detection of the cases.

• In the current COVID-19 pandemic, the quarantine is required to prevent the spread of the disease. A 14-day mandatory quarantine is required for all the people coming from outside the State.

• The Government has created Quarantine facilities in the Gram Panchayat / ULBs.These facilities have provision for free accommodation, free food, free toilet items and free medical care etc.

Will I get any financial incentive if I register?
No. Only registering your name in the portal will not entitle you to get any financial incentive. There is financial incentive of Rs. 2000/- for returning through the government procedure and successful completion of the 14-day quarantine.The successful completion means following all the directions given for quarantine.

Can I use a private vehicle to return to Odisha? And what is the procedure of inter-state movement?
Yes. You can come by a private vehicle. But the registration is mandatory and a pass will be issued for the travel purpose. You should not start the journey without obtaining the Pass.

Are there any procedural checks that I need to do once I arrive in Odisha?
After reaching the arriving point (railway station/ bus station/airport) in Odisha, please contact the GP/ULB nodal officer. They will guide you to the Quarantine facilities. There will be a mandatory 14-day Quarantine period. Only on successful completion, you will be allowed to go anywhere else– like returning home, or visiting relatives or work etc.

I don’t have any symptoms. Should I still be quarantined?
Yes, 14-day quarantine is mandatory for all persons returning to Odisha (even without any symptoms)

My work has started in Bangalore/Hyderabad. Since I don’t have any symptoms, can I go back even though my quarantine will end in next few days?
No, once returned to Odisha, there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Can I cancel after I register?
Yes, you can cancel. After registration, if you do not want to travel to Odisha, you can intimate through the portal by yourself or by your family members/relatives staying in Odisha. You can also inform the Nodal officer of the GP / ULB over telephone.

The Nodal officer details will be sent to you after registration, alternatively you can check your nodal officer by going to the link – https://covid19portal.odisha.gov.in/know-your-nodalofficer/

If I come to Odisha without registration or don’t undergo 14-day mandatory quarantine then what action will be taken against me?
If you come to Odisha without registration or you don’t undergo compulsory 14-day quarantine or you do not follow quarantine norms during the period of quarantine, stringent action will be taken against you under Disaster Management Act 2005.

Do I need to register for entry into Odisha?
Yes, into the Gram Panchayat or Urban Local Body area will be only after the registration through the Government Portal.

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