Satyam TV & Satya Agency Sollu Vellu Contest 2020


Announcement Sollu Vellu Contest 2020
Satyam TV and Satya Agency
Eligibility Satyam TV Viewers
Prize TV, Fridge, Washing Machine & Other Amazing Prizes
Contest Time Daily at 7.30pm
Official Website

Satyam TV Sollu Vellu Competition

Satyam TV and Satya Agency are co-hosting a Sollu Vellu competition. You can take part in the ‘Tell and Win’ contest to win home electronics.

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Who Can Participate?

Anyone, Satyam TV viewers can participate in the Sollu Vellu contest.

How To Participate?

1. A question will be asked daily on the Historic Today Show, which airs daily at 7.30pm on Satyam TV.
2. The answer will be hidden in the headline that airs at 6 p.m.
3. Those who know the answer can go to the Sathiyam website, register your name and address and reply.


Satya Agency’s TV, Fridge, Washing Machine and other amazing prizes will be given to the winners

Selection Process

Those who give the correct answer consistently throughout the week will be selected in a shake-up and given gift items.

Contest Rules

1. One has to answer only from one phone number
2. Any number of persons belonging to a family can participate
3. The answer must be posted by 9 p.m.
4. The email of the respondent can be provided if desired
5. The prize will be awarded only to those who report the answer on Satyam TV’s official website
6. Winners will be notified of their name and address on behalf of the administration before being notified
7. When announcing, their photo will be posted on TV with the permission of the winners.
8. The prize-giving event will be broadcast on all of Satyam TV’s official platforms
9. The Company reserves the right to change the winners or to discontinue prize items if necessary
10. Only the administration has the right to choose the winners
11. Management reserves the right to suspend or change the terms of this competition at any time
12. Those who have the will can participate
13. Gift items will arrive home even if delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances
14. Depending on the distance of their location, car rental, if there is any service charge, they are responsible

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