Announcement Snickers Promo SUV & Cashback Contest 2020
Mars International India
Eligibility Residents of India
Prize SUV, Rs. 1000/Rs. 10000 Cashback
Last Date 31st December 2020
Official Website http://www.snickerspromo.bigcityexperience.com/

Snickers Promo Contest

Snickers Promo is sponsored and launched by Mars International India Pvt for consumers.

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Who Can Participate?

1. This Contest will be open to all the residents of India
2. This contest is open for adults above 18 years.

Contest Period

1. The contest is valid only in India from 01/10/2020 to 31/12/2020
2. The SUV contest will commence from 12.00:01 AM on 01/10/2020 to 11:59:59 PM on 31/12/2020 (both days included)
3. The Cashback contest will commence from 09.00:01 AM on 19/10/2020 to 08:59:59 PM on 17/12/2020 (both days included)

How To Redeem/Participate?

1. Find Unique Code inside the pack
2. SMS Unique Code in the following format: SNWIN Code to 9902391200
3. Customer from Tamil Nadu state needs to answer the question “I love Snickers because…” to further participate in the contest.
4. Selected winners will be informed on their registered mobile number.


1. During the Contest Period, 1 winner will be selected for SUV Prizes for contest period of 92 days i.e. from 12:00:01 AM 1st Oct 2020 to 11:59:59 PM 31st Dec 2020
2. During the Contest Period, 780 winners will be selected for Cashback Prizes for contest period of 60 days i.e. from 09:00:01 AM 19th Oct 2020 to 08:59:59 PM 17th Dec 2020
3. Therefore, there will be total of 781 such prizes which will be declared during the contest period.

Winner Selection

1. Any participant can win a max of 1 prize during the contest period from a mobile number
2. From the Valid Entries received, the Organizer will select 781 winners who will win Prizes throughout the Promotion Period (“Winners”).
3. ROI Winners will be selected by the Organizers using randomizer software irrespective of the time of the entry.
4. For TN, From the Valid Entries received, the first response describing their love for Snickers will be considered for evaluation.
5. Winners for SUV will be announced on or before 15th February 2021.

Contacting Winners

For Rs. 1000/Rs. 10000 Cashback Winners:
The winners will be sent a Cashback claim code on their winning mobile number. The winners will visit the cashback claim microsite and register their claim code to receive their cashback.

For SUV Winner:
1. Once the Winners are selected, the Partner Agency appointed by MARS INTERNATIONAL INDIA PVT. LTD. shall process the gift for the winner.

2. In the event the shortlisted winner’s number is busy, unreachable, or he/she does not attend the call, two (2) more attempts will be made to reach the Participant on that day and/or the next day.

3. If even on the third attempt, the Participant does not attend the call, or is unreachable, the Participant’s participation in the contest comes to an end and the Participant’s entry stands cancelled and Participant becomes ineligible to receive the prize.

4. In the event the shortlisted winner attends the call on either the second or third attempt, the procedure outlined in step 5 shall apply.

5. If any shortlisted winner remains unreachable on the third attempt or is not interested in continuing in the Contest or is otherwise ineligible to participate, the Agency shall conduct up to two (2) more random selections to shortlist a Participant.


Email: feedback@bigcity.in

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