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Program / Show Dance Dance Junior Season 2
Star India Private Limited
Channel Star Jalsha
Voting Mode Missed Call [Popular Choice]
Voting Ends On  15th July 2021
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Star Jalsha Dance Dance Junior Voting 2021

Dance Dance Junior Season-2 Program is produced by Star India Private Limited and aired on the channel STAR Jalsha. The Program is a dance based reality program wherein contestants between the age of 10 to 16 years across India

Star Jalsha Paribhar Award Missed Call Voting 2021

Star Jalsha Dance Dance Junior 2021 Voting Period

The Voting Mechanism is applicable only for the Contest and shall be open in the Territory from April 24, 2021 at 23:00 hours Indian Standard Time and will conclude on July 15, 2021 at 23:59 hours IST

Star Jalsha Dance Dance Junior 2021 Voting Eligibility

The Viewers interested in voting must be above the age of 18 years and a citizen and resident of the Territory.

How To Vote For Star Jalsha Dance Dance Junior 2021?

• The Voting Mechanism, including the Voting Numbers allotted to each Contestants shall be communicated to the Viewers during the Period via, Program Promos, Astons, Contestants bite promos, Anchor / Contestant announcements during the telecast of the Program, digital promotion etc

• To vote for their favorite Nominee under this Contest, the Viewers shall make a missed call from their registered mobile numbers to the unique voting number allotted to their favourite Nominee as given below

• This Vote sent by the Viewer will be deemed to be received when the Viewer receives a return message , “Thank you for your Entry, Stay tuned to Star Jalsha.

• It is further clarified that at one time, each Viewer shall be entitled to cast his/her Vote for his /her favorite Nominee under the Category of the Contest only once per week during the Contest Period.

•For the purposes of the Contest, the Viewer(s) shall be required to cast his /her Vote for his/her favorite Nominee through Missed Call Voting Mechanism as provided above,

• It is clarified that each Viewer can cast only 1 Vote for a particular Nominee per week during the Contest Period from one mobile number.

• Multiple votes during a week for the same Nominee from single mobile number will be deemed invalid.

• However, for avoidance of doubt it is clarified that Viewer(s) shall be free to vote other Nominees under the same Category from the same mobile number simultaneously during the Period.

Star Jalsha Dance Dance Junior 2021 Contestant Voting Number

Contestant Name

Voting Number









Roshan Rohit












Pramit Sreeja


Star Jalsha Dance Dance Junior 2021 Voting Terms

• The Voting Mechanism will be announced through program promos, Astons, Anchor mention during the telecast of the Program on the Channel etc., starting from 20th April 2021 and/or on the Website.

• It is further mandatory that the mobile number through which the Viewer participates in the Voting via Missed Call voting is duly registered in his/her name.

• The Viewers can cast their Votes for only those Nominees who are nominated under the Category of the Contest. Any Votes sent by the Viewers for the Nominees who have not featured in any of the respective Category shall not be considered and shall be considered null and void.

• The Voting is merely to enable the Viewers to choose their favorite Nominee (s) or to Vote for their favorite protagonist from the Channel’s programs or shows.

• No winners will be declared and/or prizes distributed for the Viewers participating in the Voting Mechanism.

• Viewers are not entitled to make any claims in respect of this against the Channel, STAR India, and /or the Program.


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