Star Maa Music On Demand+ Voting 2020


Announcement Star Maa Music On Demand+ Voting 2020
Star India Private Limited
Eligibility Indian Citizens
Voting Mechanism Facebook
Last Date 31st September 2021
Official Website

Star Maa Music On Demand+ Voting

ON DEMAND+ Program Polling activity is organized, conducted and brought to you by Star India Private Limited to be aired on the Channel Star Maa Music

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Voting Period

The voting shall commence from 7th December 2020 and conclude on 31st September 2021.

Who Can Vote?

The Viewers interested in participating in the Poll must be above the age of eighteen years, must be a citizen of India and must be a resident of India during the applicable Polling Period.

How To Vote?

1. The Poll will be held on Star Maa Music’s Facebook page at  during the Polling Period
2. The Poll will be held on Facebook using Poll feature.
3. During the Polling Period the Viewers will be asked to cast their vote to choose a song from two song choices provided in the Poll.
4. This process will be repeated for each song during the Polling Period with the choice of two song provided for the Poll. T
5. There will be a total of 12 to 14 Polls every day in each episode of the Program, during the Polling Period, wherein the Viewers can vote for their song of choice from amongst two choices.
6. The Viewer interested in participating in the Poll are required to visit the Handle from the Viewer facebook account and give a vote for the song(s) of their choice
7. The First song will be manually chosen and played by the Channel and the viewers shall cast their votes for all the subsequent songs in respective episodes.
8. Viewers will be asked to cast their Vote to select the song(s) of their choice amongst two options for each Poll, during the Polling Period.
9. Viewers holding a Facebook account can only participate in the Poll. Viewer can cast only one vote against each song.
10. The total number of votes against the two songs will be automatically displayed on the Channel in the said Program and shall also be displayed on the Handle.
11. The song with the maximum number of votes for each Poll will be telecasted on the Program everyday following each Poll.

Voting Terms

1. Votes received by Star India after the Polling Period or beyond the stipulated time, shall be null and void without requirement of any further intimation by Star India.

2. Any costs or expenses incurred to participate in the Poll shall be solely borne by the Viewers and Star India shall not be liable for any such costs or expenses.

3. It is agreed that Star India shall not be responsible in the event the Viewer fails to register his/her Vote due to any technical error of any nature whatsoever.

4. All the Votes will be stored in a backend system operated by Star India and/or any person/agency appointed by Star India.

5. By the act of voting, it shall be construed that the Viewer(s) has waived his/her right to raise any dispute with regard to the Poll, in any manner whatsoever to the extent permissible under law.

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