Contest Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest 2021
Sun TV Network Limited
Eligibility Citizen of India residing in India
Prize Cash Prize Rs. 5,000, Mega Prize
Last Date 05th January 2021
Official Website https://www.sunnetwork.in/aii/

Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest 2021

AII Play Along Game is a skill based online quiz game which is being hosted and can be played on the Sun NXT app which is owned by Sun TV Network Limited

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Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest Eligibility 2021

• Individuals should have registered and / or participated in the PAG via the App; and
• Should be above eighteen (18) years of age as on August23, 2021;
• Should be a citizen of India residing in India
• Should be of sound mind and health and
• Such individual agrees to enter into and participate in the PAG in accordance with the Rules and Regulations as defined in this document.

How To Participate In Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest 2021?

Eligible PAPs, should participate in the PAG by registering on the Sun NXT App in the AII Play Along Game (PAG) section. The PAG will be available on the App as per the following schedule:

S.No Date when PAG is available for playing
1 23 August 2021
2 24 August 2021
3 25 August 2021
4 30 August 2021
5 31 August 2021
6 01 September 2021
7 06 September 2021
8 07 September 2021
9 08 September 2021
10 13 September 2021
11 14 September 2021
12 15 September 2021
13 20 September 2021
14 21 September 2021
15 22 September 2021
16 27 September 2021
17 28 September 2021
18 29 September 2021
19 04 October 2021
20 05 October 2021
21 06 October 2021
22 11 October 2021
23 12 October 2021
24 13 October 2021
25 18 October 2021
26 19 October 2021
27 20 October 2021
28 25 October 2021
29 26 October 2021
30 27 October 2021
31 01 November 2021
32 02 November 2021
33 03 November 2021
34 08 November 2021
35 09 November 2021
36 10 November 2021
37 15 November 2021
38 16 November 2021
39 17 November 2021
40 22 November 2021
41 23 November 2021
42 24 November 2021
43 29 November 2021
44 30 November 2021
45 01 December 2021
46 06 December 2021
47 07 December 2021
48 08 December 2021
49 13 December 2021
50 14 December 2021
51 15 December 2021
52 20 December 2021
53 21 December 2021
54 22 December 2021
55 27 December 2021
56 28 December 2021
57 29 December 2021
58 03 January 2022
59 04 January 2022
60 05 January 2022

The above-mentioned schedule could be added to, modified or cancelled based on programming/ technical requirements of the Company or in the event the Show is for any reason rescheduled, extended, cancelled or terminated early, at the sole discretion of the Company.

The mobile number from which the registration is received will be used to identify the PAP as a unique identification number. We urge PAPs to use numbers where they would be clearly identified as the PAP of the Contest.

Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest Registration 2021

• Download the Sun NXT App from the application store. Please note, the application download is free of cost, however data charges may apply. For further details please contact your telecom operator. Alternatively, you can open the Sun NXT mobile website on your mobile browser to access the PAG. Please note, the PAG is not accessible via browsers on your PC or laptops or any other device.
• If you are a first -time user, then you will be prompted to register by providing your mobile number and/or e-mail id. An OTP will be sent across to your mobile number and/or e-mail id to verify the same.
• Once registered, you will be prompted to provide your name and mobile number.
• Click on “AII Play Along” banner/ Access “AII Play Along” from the menu.
• Select Language Preference (English/ Malayalam).
• Click on the “Play Now” tab.
• In the event, it is not possible to determine with certainty the person who registered from a particular mobile number, that entry would be disqualified. PAP(s) are requested to use mobile numbers which are unique to them.
• Taking part in the registration process shall be deemed to be acceptance by the Participant(s) to receive promotional messages from the Company or any third party so authorized by the Company.
• The procedures for registration and participation in the PAG are subject to the Rules & Regulations stated herein. Non-conformance by any PAP(s) to the Rules & Regulations will disqualify him/her from participation or winnings, immediately, as the case may be.

Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest Charges 2021

• The Sun NXT application download and participation in the Play Along Game are free of cost, however data charges may apply.
• Please check with your telecom operator for any other applicable charges.
• In case any user registers while roaming in a different circle/zone/country, additional roaming rates may apply.
• There is no levy of an entry fee for participation in the PAG.

Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Game Rules2021

• During each Episode of the Show, the PAP will have to answer questions as displayed on the App within the Stipulated Time.
• The Stipulated Time varies for each question and will be a minimum of 45 seconds. PAP(s) should ensure that they appraise themselves of the same before each question.
• For every question answered correctly, the PAP will be awarded points (as per the points’ tree shown in PAG)

Q # PAG Points
11 11
10 10
9 9
8 8
7 7
6 6
5 5
4 4
3 3
2 2
1 1

• Points scored by PAP across multiple days/ played along will get accumulated. In the event a PAG is terminated mid-session for any reasons whatsoever, the PAP will have to wait till the next question is asked on the Show, in order to continue scoring points.
• Once the “Lock your answer / Submit” button has been pressed, the PAP will not be allowed to change the answer. If the “Lock your answer” button does not disappear, the server has not received the response and the PAP would be required to press the button again. Please note that the PAP has to select the answer option and press the button within the Stipulated Time.
• Post submission (locking) of the answer, the PAP(s) will not be permitted to modify / alter / change the answer submitted.
• Only the answers received within the Stipulated Time will be considered valid.
• The Company will not entertain any claims / questions / queries with respect to the authenticity or correctness of any questions and answers for the questions asked in any round of the PAG. The Company’s decision on the correctness or incorrectness of any answer is final and binding on all PAPs.

Surya TV Anchinodu Inchodinchu Contest Winner Selection 2021

Daily Episode Winner Selection:
The Company shall select the Top 10 PAG PAP with the highest number of points for the particular Episode for each episode as the ‘Top 10’ winners. Eligible AII PAG PAP could win cash gratification of INR 5,000. However, such PAP can win cash gratification of INR 5,000 only once during the entire season of the Show. The Top 10 winner will receive the cash prize through account transfer by a third party platform.

Daily Top Winner Leaderboard:
The Leaderboard revealing the Top 10 winners of a particular episode will be displayed in the following episode. The Top 10 winners shall be declared for the particular Episode with all the scores accumulated and the same will be updated on the PAG. For the purposes of winning the cash gratifications, the final Top 10 winners declared on the PAG, post the Episode, shall be considered final.

Mega Prize Winner Selection
Any PAP who has attempted at least one question, has scored the highest cumulative points till the 20th, 40th and 60th episode, has successfully filled the profile related questions asked during the Registration process on or before August 23, 2021 and plays the Play Along Game in accordance with the Rules and Regulations is eligible to be shortlisted for the Mega Prize winner determination.

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