Service Apply For Tamil Nadu Character Certificate
Department Tamilnadu Government
Eligibility Residents of Tamil Nadu
Application Mode Offline
Official Website https://eservices.tnpolice.gov.in/CCTNSNICSDC/PSHomePage?16

What is Character Certificate?

A Character Certificate is an official document issued by the respective department authorities which states whether a person has any previous convictions recorded against him/her.

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Why Need Character Certificate?

• A Character certificate states out your moral conduct or behaviour.
• In India Candidates applying for govt/private jobs need to show Character Certificate.
• This certificate is a proof that the candidate is not involved in any criminal case ever.

Who Can Apply For Character Certificate In Tamil Nadu?

Any citizen can avail this service.

How To Apply For Character Certificate In Tamil Nadu?

• Applicant must apply in prescribed application form along with required documents to the Police station
• Visit eServices TN Police website, please select as applicable and click “submit” to get contact details.
• Please go to the respective office.
• Applicant shall obtain the form from the respective office (please pay for the form if required) Or a written application on A4 plain sheet as advised shall be used
• Submit the completed application along with required documents.
• Authorities after checking the attached documents and application submitted will make entries and provide you record number for reference.
• This application will be processed internally. Respective authorities will do the ground level verification in the residing area of the applicant followed by scrutiny of the documents and details provided by the applicant.
• Once the verification is over, these officials will submit their report to the respective authority to decide and issue the Certificate to the applicant.
• Applicant will get the certificate as per notified period after due verification.

Documents Required For Tamil Nadu Character Certificate

• Application form.
• Aadhaar Card
• Purpose of certificate requirement details (Student/govt or non govt employee)
• Certificate requirement details (Student/govt or non govt employee)
• Court stamp as per requirement
• Birth certificate
• Six month old or applicable period copy of Residence Proof (Voter card, Ration Card, Telephone/Electricity/Water Bill, Passport, Insurance Policy, Aadhaar Card)
• Passport (as per requirement)
• Identity Proof (Voter ID / Aadhar card)
• Ration Card
• Affidavit.
• Self Declaration.(Affidavit to prove that YOU ARE YOU)
• Bonafide Certificate from the school
• Passport size photograph (as applicable)
• School Leaving Certificate.

• If the above documents are to be supported by report of applicable authorities, please provide as required.
• All original and copy of original with self attestation as advised by respective authorities to be submitted as per requirement.
• Apart from the above documents authorities may ask to submit additional information or documents. Please provide them for processing.

Character Certificate Validity

The validity of character certificate is 6 months or as mentioned on the certificate.

Processing Time of Character Certificate

7 Days or as per notified period

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