Tata Sky Recharge Karo Car Jeeto Contest 2021


Announcement Recharge Karo Car Jeeto Contest 2021
Tata Sky Limited
Eligibility Tata Sky Subscriber [Except Residents of Telangana and Tamil Nadu]
Prize Tata Tiago XE (Petrol) Grey Color Car
Last Date 6th February, 2021
Official Website https://www.tatasky.com/campaigns/recharge-contest

Tata Sky Recharge Karo Car Jeeto Contest

Tata Sky Recharge Karo Car Jeeto Contest is to be hosted and organized by Tata Sky Limited and sponsored by Tata Motors Limited for eligible Tata Sky Subscribers . A total of 30 Participants stand a chance to win in this Contest.

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Who Can Participate?

This Contest is open to the entire Tata Sky Subscriber. On the day of activation, Subscriber has a minimum of more than Rs. 500/- balance in his/her Tata Sky account by end of the day when he/she participates in the Contest;

Residents of Telangana and Tamil Nadu are not eligible for this Contest.

Contest Packs

Subscriber subscribes to any one or more of the following South LDP Acquisition Packs and ROI LDP Acquisition Packs

South LDP Acquisition Packs Semi-Annual Tamil Starter
Semi-Annual Tamil Starter HD Zapper
Semi-Annual Tamil Super
Semi-Annual Tamil Super HD
Semi-Annual Telugu Value 1
Semi-Annual Telugu Value HD
Semi-Annual Telugu Super HD
Semi-Annual Kannada Value
Semi-Annual Kannada Value HD
Semi-Annual Kerala Super
Semi-Annual Kerala Super HDS
Semi-Annual Kerala Super HD New
Semi-Annual Kerala Prime HDS
Semi-Annual Kannada Hindi Basic
Tamil Starter 1M
Annual Tamil Lite New
Semi-Annual Kannada Value Plus
Semi-Annual Kannada Basic HDS
Semi-Annual Telugu Prime on HD Zapper
Semi-Annual Telugu Prime New HDS
Semi-Annual Tamil Lite Plus on HD Zapper
Semi-Annual Tamil Lite Plus New HDS
Semi-Annual Kannada Value on HD Zapper
Semi-Annual Kannada Value Plus on HD Zapper
Semi-Annual Hindi Kannada Marathi on HD Zapper
ROI LDP Acquisition Packs Annual Hindi Bachat
Annual Hindi Value New on SD Zapper
Annual Hindi Value New on HD Zapper
Semi-Annual Bengali Value
Semi-Annual Odia Value
Semi-Annual Hindi Basic
Semi-Annual Hindi Basic HD
Semi-Annual Gujarati Hindi Basic
Semi-Annual Marathi Hindi Basic
Semi-Annual Marathi Hindi Basic HD
Annual Hindi Value New
Annual Hindi Value New on SD Zapper
Annual Marathi Hindi Value
Semi-Annual Marathi Hindi Value
Annual Odia Hindi Value
Semi-Annual Odia Value HD New
Semi-Annual Hindi Lite
Semi-Annual Hindi Lite HD
Semi-Annual Gujarati Lite
Annual Hindi Lite
Annual Hindi Lite HD
Semi-Annual Bengali Value HD
Semi-Annual Odia Value HD
Semi-Annual Punjab Super
Semi-Annual Bengali Lite Plus
Semi-Annual Bengali Lite Plus HD
Semi-Annual Hindi Bachat Plus

Contest Period

This Contest will be open for the period starting on 8th January, 2021 and ending on 6th February, 2021.

How To Participate?

1. Recharge your tata sky account with Rs. 500 or more
2. Enter your account details
3. Answer a simple question (on the same day of recharge) and win a Tata Tiago


Each Winner will receive a gratification from Tata Motors in the form of 1 Tata Tiago XE (Petrol) Grey color car model having ex-showroom price of Rs. 4,70,000/- (Rupees Four Lakh Seventy Thousand Only) Accordingly, Tata Motors will sponsor a total of 30 units of cars, i.e. 1 car unit for each Winner as Gratification under this Contest.

Winner Selection

1. All correct and eligible Entries of a day will enter into a draw on the next day;
2. Winner will be selected through a randomized computer based selection method , during the Contest Period.
3. One Winner of the day will be declared by Tata Sky during the entire duration of the Contest Period;
4. Winners will be eligible to receive Gratification as per the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

Contacting Winners

1. Tata Sky will endeavor to telephonically contact the Winners within 48 hours from the time Winner is declared by Tata Sky; on their RMN to inform them about their winning the Contest and the process to be followed to claim the Gratification.

2. If the Winner doesn’t respond to the first call, two more attempts shall be made by Tata Sky to contact the Winner on best effort. In case of no response from the Winner so contacted Tata Sky shall at its sole discretion, move on to the next/alternate Winner;

3. Once the Winner is contacted by Tata Sky and informed about the win and process to claim the Gratification, the Winner if accepting the Gratification must share a confirmation via email on carjeeto@tatasky.com stating his Subscriber ID and name in the subject line of the email within 10 minutes of Tata Sky’s contact, as per the terms hereof;

4. On receipt of Winner’s confirmation email by Tata Sky, a confirmation email from carjeeto@tatasky.com, with a list of required documents/information, will be sent by Tata Sky to the Winner wherein Winner shall have to accept the Gratification and share the documents/information as mentioned in the email sent by Tata Sky within 2 hours of receiving such email from Tata Sky;

5. If Winner disagrees to follow the steps required by Tata Sky and/or Tata Motors to claim and receive the Gratification then, Tata Sky on receipt of such information by Tata Motors, shall have the right to disqualify such Winner and, at its sole discretion, shall select an alternate winner;

6. Once Winner has shared his/her consent to claim the Gratification and has agreed to follow the process as required, then Tata Sky shall have the right to use his/her details for promotional purposes in any form and medium.

7. If at a later date, such Winner withdraws/refuses to follow the process at any stage then Tata Sky, at its sole discretion, shall disqualify such Winner and select an alternate winner within 3 weeks’ time of such disqualification.

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