Institute Vellore Institute of Technology [VIT]
Service VIT VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking
 Last Date For Slot Booking 21st May 2021
Exam Mode Online Remote Proctored Examination (ORPE)
Exam Dates May 28 th, 29th and 31st 2021
Official Website https://viteee.vit.ac.in/

VIT VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

VITEEE-21 Earlier was scheduled as Computer Based Test (CBT) in various cities through the centres across India & abroad from June 18th to 26th, 2021 is replaced by Online Remote Proctored Examination (ORPE) and will be conducted ORPE will be conducted on May 28 th, 29th and 31st 2021.

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Steps For VIT VITEEE 2021 Slot Booking

• Visit VIT VITEEE 2021 Website.
• Login to book slot for ORPE Exam|
• Slots will be available for two mock tests and actual Exam (ORPE) from 17th May onwards for the completed applications.
• The link for the mock test will be available in the VITEEE page (https://viteee.vit.ac.in/; and in www.vit.ac.in ) and each applicant (completed application) will be informed by email/ SMS.
• Only applicants can book the slot since the photo of the applicant will be captured at the time of slot booking.
• Slot booking is mandatory and will be available till 21st May.
• Failing to take mock tests will lead to in-compatibility and inability to participate in the actual examination.
• Hence it is mandatory to participate in Mock Tests

Slots For Mock 1, Mock2 and VITEEE

• The time slots for all i.e. two mock tests and actual test will be similar. For Example if 1A is selected, 1A will be booked for the candidate as first day, first slot for Mock1, Mock 2 and Actual test.
• Kindly book the slots keeping your final VITEEE test date in mind. Further any request for change in slots will not be entertained

Mock Tests

• Both mock tests are compulsory to take the test for actual VITEEE (ORPE)
• The link will be sent to the registered email / mobile, besides being published in VITEEE page (https://viteee.vit.ac.in/).
• The applicants are requested to make arrangements for these devices and network. Parents are requested to bear in this tough time, for COVID measures and Contactless Exams for your child.
• Both mock tests will check the device compatibility/ internet and will simulate the exam.
• The first mock test will be auto-proctored( without any vigilance) from 20th to 22nd May.
• The second mock test will be monitored by VIT faculty and require both primary and secondary devices for complete testing.
• To prepare the applicants and to avoid confusion in the time of logging in, the day and time will be similar for Mock 1, Mock 2 and actual examination (VITEEE).
• Students may undertake mock tests for 1 hour though it can be extended.
• A video of how to take the tests will be posted on websites and social media channels soon.

General Guidelines

• Strictly to be followed, Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification and the decision of VIT Management would be final.
• Ensure that you have the devices and internet connection as specified. Keep the devices fully charged to last 2 hours at least.
• A backup power supply for your devices or backup devices are recommended for uninterrupted examination.
• If you do not own one, arrange to hire/ borrow with the specifications as in (1,2, and 3).
• For taking examinations, be in a quiet room fully protected from any external audio or video disturbances.
• Do not undertake the tests at public places.
• Proctor monitoring the exam has full right to disqualify, in case of any such interruption or environment check.
• If there is any problem during examination, you may chat/ audio call to the proctor to resolve the issue (Mock 2 and Actual exams). For mock 1, email support will also be provided.
• During the examination, both devices should connect only to the Internet. Connection to any other device using any means, if detected, will lead to applicant’s disqualification.

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