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VMC NAT Admission and Scholarship National Level Online Test 2021
Eligibility Students going to class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII
Scholarship Amount Students can get upto 100% scholarship on their fees
Exam Date  11th April 2021 & 25th April 2021
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VMC NAT Scholarship Test

NAT (National Admission Test) is a National Level Online Test for Admission and Scholarship. It is the biggest test of the year by Vidyamandir.

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1. Save Minimum 40,000 on Fee and get upto 100% Scholarship
2. Study at Last Year Fee
3. Upto 120 Hrs of Live Classes Free till March 2021
4. Easy EMI Options available for Fee
5. Book your seat with Registration Fee of ? 9,999.
6. Pay balance before April 2021

Who Can Apply?

VMC NAT ONLINE TEST will be held for students going to class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII for admissions to VMC Classroom and Online Courses for batches starting from April 2021

How To Register?

Students can register online by paying Rs. 99. Additionally students can also register through their nearest centres

1. Visit VMC NAT Page
2. Fill the form and
3. Submit

Scholarship Amount

Students can get upto 100% scholarship on their fees on the basis of their performance in the Admission test

Mock Test

1. Students will receive a mock test link after 10th December to check the login process and how the test would look and feel.
2. This would be a short test of 30 minutes and not as the normal test which is of 3 Hours.
3. For the students who register after 21st October, they may receive the mock test link 24-48 hours after registration on their registered mobile numbers/Registered Emails.

Test Link:
Students will receive Test Link with the instructions 24 hours before the test.

1. Click to open the link
2. Please mention in the email field your
3. Ex: If your Roll No. is 556677880 please enter
4. Second field for Name, please enter your First name ONLY
5. Ex. If your name is Anuj Sharma, please enter anuj (all letters should be small)
6. Agree to the terms and conditions
7. Provide your snapshot (If asked by the system)
8. Take Snapshot of ID card (Valid Govt. ID – Aadhaar or School ID) (If asked by the system)
9. You can start the test now. Please follow the instructions to navigate on screen.
10. Enable desktop view if you are giving test on mobile

How To Give Exam?

1. Please check if the course mentioned on the communication is correct.
2. You must start the test within 30 minutes of test start time, failing which you will start to lose time from the 3 hours allocation
3. You must click the link and enter 15 minutes before the test
4. Please ensure you have good net connectivity.
5. In case the test stops due to connectivity issues or you are accidentally logged out, please login again by following steps 1 to 4 and you can resume from where you left within 20 minutes.
6. During the test, candidate’s screen activity will be monitored and in case the candidate tries to switch the test screen then the test will be auto submitted

By Registering for VMC NAT ONLINE TEST you give VMC the right to contact you through Email, Whatsapp, SMS or other means to keep you informed about the NAT ONLINE TESTs and VMC

Exam Details

1. Take the VMC NAT ONLINE TEST on 11th April 2021 & 25th April 2021
2. In lieu of the COVID 19 pandemic, VMC NAT will be conducted online. Details will be shared after the registration.

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In case of any issues pertaining to login, course, etc., please call +91 8585947897 / +91 8588836977 or email us on

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