Vijai Music Enga Pulleengo Ellaam Bayangaram Program 2020


Announcement Vijay Music Enga Pulleengo Ellaam Bayangaram Program 2020
Asianet ASCPL Communications Private Limited
Eligibility Indian Citizens
Prize Your video will be telecast on the Channel along with the original song
Last Date 31st December 2020
Official Website

Vijay Music Enga Pulleengo Ellaam Bayangaram

Enga Pulleengo Ellaam Bayangaram Program is hosted by Asianet ASCPL Communications Pvt Limited on its television channel Vijay Music.

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The Program is open only to persons who are the citizens of India and shall be of 18 years of age and above.

Program Timings

The videos of the shortlisted Entry(s) will be played on the Channel everyday minimum one time of each hour between 6 AM and 11:59 PM

Program Period

The Program will start from 9th October,2020 and end 31st December 2020. The Term may be extended or reduced at the discretion of ASCPL

How To Participate?

1. Visit the website
2. Log on to the Platform there will be an icon leading them to Vijay Music sub-page
3. Under Vijay Music sub-page there will be 3 sections one of which will be Enga Pullainga Ellam Bayangaram
4. Participant is required to choose the Enga Pullainga Ellam Bayangaram tab
5. Terms and Conditions will first appear in the Enga Pullainga Ellam Bayangaram tab and the Participant will have to accept to these Terms and Conditions to proceed with the Entry.

6. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, a form will be opened which contains the following details:
a. List of songs (drop down) will be provided and the Participant(s) needs to choose the song they are planning to share their entry for
b. Name of the Participant
c. Mobile number of the Participant
d. City name / location
e. Pre recorded Video of the participant is to be uploaded
f. The Participant(s) have to upload a pre-recorded video of his/her own singing
g. The duration of the video should be minimum 1 (one) minute and maximum 5 minutes. – The video should be on .mp4 format
h. The Participant(s) can use any app / software for recording the video, however, there can be no branding / water mark / template that can be present on the video when they are submitting

7. After filling up the form and uploading the video, the Participant/s have to confirm by giving a tick mark to the self declaration and Personal Information boxes that the Participant needs to check / accept before submitting the Entry
8. Once the Participant/s submit the Entry, he/she will see a message which would thank him/her for sharing the details and continue to watch the Program on the Channel to see if his/her Entry is shortlisted.

T&C Apply 

Shortlisting Process

The valid Entries will be shortlisted based on the following criteria
1. Entertainment factor
2. Video resolution
3. Screen presence
4. Personality
5. Uniqueness of the performance

The videos of the shortlisted Entry (ies) will be telecast on the Channel along with the original song (video) ie., it gives an opportunity to the shortlisted Participant (s) to his /her see video on the Channel while he/she is performing for a song.

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