Vijay Music Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa


Announcement Vijay Music Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa Program 2020
Asianet ASCPL Communications Private Limited
Eligibility Indian Citizens
Prize Winning videos telecast on the Channel
Last Date 31st January 2021
Official Website

Vijay Music Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa

Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa Program is hosted by Asianet ASCPL Communications Pvt Limited on its television channel Vijay Music.

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The Program is open only to persons who are the citizens of India and shall be of 18 years of age and above.

Program Period

The Contest will commence on 22nd October at 00:00 hours Indian Standard Time (IST) and will end 31st January 2021 at 23:59 hours IST

How To Participate?

1. Visit the website
2. Log on to the Platform there will be an icon leading them to Vijay Music sub-page
3. Under Vijay Music sub-page there will be 3 sections one of which will be Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa
4. Participant is required to choose the Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa tab
5. Terms and Conditions will first appear in the Kannaa Paattu Paada Aasayaa tab and the Participant will have to accept to these Terms and Conditions to proceed with the Entry.

T&C Apply 

Shortlisting Process

1. During the Period , at the end of the respective Fortnightly Period on the basis of the Participant  having made a valid Entry, all the Video uploaded on both the Platform and fulfilling the criteria set out herein shall be collectively viewed and rated by a panel comprising of the representatives of Star as determined by Star in its sole discretion., STAR shall shortlist Videos / Entries .

2. This panel shall rate these shortlisted Video(s) on the basis of the performance, screen presence , Video quality , grace, singing talent and voice quality of the Participant and /or any such other criteria as may be solely determined by Star at its sole discretion and accordingly shortlist Participants.

3. Out of these shortlisted Participants, STAR shall, based on the criterion mentioned hereinabove at its sole discretion, select and declare the 30 top best rated Videos from the Videos uploaded during the corresponding Fortnightly Period. 

4. The Participants by whom Top 30Videos are uploaded shall be collectively referred as the “Winners”. The Winners shall be entitled to gratification in the form of having their winning Entries / Videos telecast / broadcast on the Channel anytime during the subsequent Fortnightly Period and /or Contest Period

5. The final selection of the Winner(s) shall be made by STAR and shall be final and binding on the entire Participant (s)/Winners and in no event shall the Participant (s)/Winner(s) dispute the decision made by STAR or its employees in connection to the Entry/ nd /or the Contest and/or the Prize.

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