Zee Tamil Kudumba Virudhugal 2020

ZEE Tamizh Kudumbam Viruthugal 2020 is the biggest annual event conducted for the ZEE Tamil family. The event will witness the ZEE Tamil TV artists’ exquisite performance on stage, alongside being nominated and awarded for

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Favourite Anchor Nominees

1. Zaara [Super Mom]
2. Vijay [Comedy Gangsters]
3. Priyaraman [Genes]
4. Deepak Dinkar [Dance Jodi Dance]
5. Archana Chandhoke [SAREGAMAPA /Super Mom]
6. Anjana [Dance Jodi Dance]

Vote For Your Favorite Anchor [Unofficial Poll]

For Official Voting/ Poll, Follow the below steps

How To Vote For Zee Tamil Kudumba Virudhugal?

1. Go to the Zee Tamil Kudumba Virudhugal Voting Page
2. Login with your Facebook User Name and Password.
3. Click To Vote For Your Favourite Stars.

The viewer(s) can cast their votes for only those nominated for the poll. Any votes sent by the viewers for anyone else who does not feature as the nominee, will not be considered and shall be null and void.

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