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Voting  Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 13 Voting 2021
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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Channel  Zee Telugu
Voting Mode Online, App, Missed Call
Last Date 21st March 2021
Official Website https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/saregamapa-the-next-singing-icon/0-6-2903

Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 13

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Next Singing ICON (Season 13) is an Indian Telugu-language musical/singing Reality television show. It is the thirteenth season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Telugu.

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It started on 23 August 2020 with Pradeep Machiraju as the host. The show is judged by Koti, S. P. Sailaja and Chandrabose.

Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021 Finalist

• Bharat Raj
• Pawan Kalyan
• Pragyna Nayani
• Venkata Chaitanya
• Yasaswi Kondepudi

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021 Finale Date & Venue

Finale Date : 21st of March 2021
Finale Venue : Annapurna Studios, Hyderabad

How To Vote For Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021?

Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021 Online Voting

1. Visit Voting Page 
2. Create An Account
3. Cast your vote

Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021 Missed Call Voting

Give Missed Call to save your Favorite Contestant.

S. No. Contestant Name Missed Call Number
1 Bharath Raj 9152 9152 85
2 Pavan Kalyan 9152 9152 86
3 Pragna Nayini 9152 9152 87
4 Venkata Chaitanya 9152 9152 88
5 Yasaswi Kondepudi 9152 9152 89

Voting Period For Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021

Voting begins on March 11th and ends on 21st March 2021

Voting Terms & Conditions

• Participation in the Voting Activity is open to citizens residing in India .

• The Company reserves all rights to make amendments to the existing Terms and Conditions or withdraw the Voting Activity without giving prior notice. 

• The Voter understands and agrees that the Company shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any Contestant Voting Entries received on the Voting Platform from the Voters throughout India. 

• Voter(s) who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or who attempt to interfere with the process of Voting Activity or the operation of the Voting Platform in any way shall be disqualified and the Voting Entries submitted shall not be counted.

• Casting of a vote shall construe acceptance of these Rules and Regulations even if the same is not explicitly mentioned by the Voter. The Company shall not be responsible for delayed receipt or non-receipt or incomplete receipt or corrupt receipt of votes.

• All Voting Entries received by the Company shall be subject to verification by an Official Tabulator. No automatic, programmed, robotic or similar means of voting are permitted.

• The Company makes no representations, warranties nor provides any undertaking to any of the Voter(s) that any or all of the Voters will be able to qualify for being eligible to get the opportunity of participating in the Voting Activity.

• The Company shall not be liable / responsible for any lost opportunity, damages, losses, costs, expenses or otherwise suffered / incurred by any of the Voter(s) in the event that the Company is not able to permit the Voter to take part in the Voting Activity in accordance with any of the foregoing provisions.

• Notwithstanding any other provisions mentioned herein, the Company may, at its sole and absolute discretion, cancel or reschedule the dates for such Voting Activity and at such date and place as it may determine.

• At no point of time will the Company be obliged to notify the Voter, the Voting Entry of whom has been disqualified by the Company.

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