Announcement Mind Wars Olympiad 2020
Conducted By
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited
Eligibility Students from classes IV to XII
Prize Cash prize worth Rs. 1,00,00,000/-
Competition Dates 22nd November 2020 to 31st December 2020
Official Website https://mindwars.zee5.com/walkthrough

Mind Wars Olympiad

The Mind Wars Olympiad 2020 is an online General Knowledge programme in which students from classes IV to XII (both inclusive)can participate on payment of a registration fee of INR. 200/- (Indian Rupees Two Hundred Only) (inclusive of GST)

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The Olympiad shall be available only on ‘ZEE5’ Application which is operated by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited and The Olympiad is in association with Xpress Minds to enhance the learning capabilities of Students and to assist in overall education of Students.


a. The Students from classes IV to XII (both inclusive)
b. An Indian citizen or residing in India
c. Student of any school that is recognized by an Education Board in India/ equivalent Education Board.

How To Participate?

a. For the Participant(s) to be eligible to participate in the Olympiad, the Parent and/or Guardian must be registered and/or a subscriber of ZEE5.

b. The Parent and/or Guardian must download ZEE5 and create an account by logging in on ZEE5 by clicking on the link as provided for the Olympiad and provide their contact details i.e. e-mail id or contact number.

c. The Parent and/or Guardian must then fill the details of the Participant(s) as required.

d. The Parent and/or Guardian must enable a parental lock before granting access to Participant(s).

e. There following are only two ways to register for Olympiad :
i. through School
ii. Individual registration

f. After the successful completion of payment of non-refundable Participation Fee of INR 200/- (Indian Rupees Two Hundred only) (all inclusive), Participant(s) will receive an Olympiad ID.

g. The payment can be done on the app/website or the landing page i.e. (mindwars.co.in)

h. All registered Participants will be able to access the Mind Wars Olympiad 2020 Section on the Mind Wars Platform on the ZEE5 after entering the Olympiad ID.

1. Registered Participants can ‘Practice’ here- by taking quizzes on the 5 subject categories that constitute their GK syllabus. They can take these quizzes as many times as they want.

2. Registered Participants can ‘Prepare’ by taking a mock Mind Wars Olympiad twice, prior to taking the actual Olympiad.

3. Registered Participants can ‘Play’ which means they can take the Mind Wars Olympiad on the day that they have chosen.

i. A Registered Participant will have to take the test on the date chosen at the time of registration.


1. The Participants may win assured cash prize worth INR 1,00,00,000/- (Indian Rupees One Crore only) shall be awarded for outstanding Participant
2. The winners have to provide a bona-fide certificate with the student image and the seal of the school issued by their schools for verifying their identity and claim the prizes.
3. The best performers shall be awarded with a medal and Merit Certificates in every school
4. The National and School Percentile shall be calculated to benchmark the performance of the Participants.
5. Every Participant shall be given a Participation Certificate.

Olympiad Dates

The Olympiad goes live on 22nd November and ends on 31st December 2020.

The students can choose a convenient date from the following 6 options:
a. 22 November 2020 (Sunday)
b. 28 November 2020 (Saturday)
c. 29 November 2020 (Sunday)
d. 5 December 2020 (Saturday)
e. 6 December 2020 (Sunday)
f. 12 December 2020 (Saturday)

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