Announcement ZEE5 Super Family League 2020
Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd
Eligibility Residents of India
Prize Amazon Voucher, Smart TV, Phone, Car & More
Last Date 16 January 2021
Official Website https://superfamily.zee5.com/dashboard

ZEE5 Super Family League

ZEE5 Super Family League is a one-of-its-kind fantasy league Game of skill for TV fiction Shows telecast on ZEE TV and the ZEE5 App. The Game is available in English and Hindi languages on the ZEE5 Mobile App and Website.

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Game Period

The Game will be available from 16 November 2020 to 16 January 2021.

Who Can Participate?

Any person playing the Game on the ZEE5 App / ZEE5 website / direct weblink / microsite link shared on social media pages in the form of a deeplink and who are residing in India and above the age of Eighteen (18) years

How To Play?

1. The Game can be accessed on the ZEE5 app on Android and iOS or Website. You will need to be a ZEE5 registered user / use ZEE5 login credentials to play the Game. Guest users will need to register in order to play the Game

2. Create your own Super Family by adding Kirdaars from categories like Bahu-Beti, Saas-Maa, Pati-Premi, Patni-Premika, Dost-Rishtedar, Villan-Vamp from the fiction Shows telecast on ZEE TV / ZEE5

3. Each Kirdaar will earn Stars based on the Events they perform during the daily Episodes. Based on your Super Family’s performance, you can also modify your Super Family every day from 00:00:00 hours to 22:59:59 hours. Please note, you must submit your Super Family every day to be able to earn Stars for your Super Family

4. You can also earn Stars by participating in the Shubh Shuruwaat Contest by answering questions that are displayed on TV during the Shows from 7 PM to 11 PM

5. You can feature on the Leaderboards and earn rewards associated with the Prize levels if your Super Family performs well consistently Participation in the Game, Winner determination and Prize Fulfilment are subject to the Rules and Regulations and FAQs governing the Game.


Game Rules

1. Only ZEE5 Registered Users can participate in the ZEE5 Super Family League

2. You do not need to subscribe to participate in the Game however ZEE5 Club subscribers will have access to the Episodes before the same are telecast on TV

3. You will be credited with a certain number of Hearts as soon as you arrive on the Game platform. You will also be credited with Bonus Hearts from time to time.

4. To create your Super Family, you need to select one Kirdaar per Category

5. The information related to the Kirdaar including Hearts required to buy the Kirdaar, performance statistics like Ranks, Average daily Stars, Average Weekly Stars will be detailed in the Kirdaar Card as shown below:

6. The cost of each Kirdaar in your Super Family will be deducted from the overall Hearts balance linked to your registered ID

7. If you have submitted your Super Family before 11:59:59 hours, you will be eligible to earn 50 bonus Hearts only. You will not be eligible to earn 25 Hearts for submitting the Super Family between 12:00:00 and 17:59:59 hours.

8. The Hearts will be credited at the end of the Game Day or within reasonable time at the Company’s discretion.

9. You must submit your Super Family on a daily basis to be able to earn Stars, cross the Prize Levels and be eligible for the Prizes

10. You have an option to modify your Super Family only twice during the Game Day (00:00:00 hours to 22:59:59 hours).

11. The last submitted Super Family will be considered for scoring

12. The total Stars earned by your Super Family will be updated after each Game Day and you can access these Points from the Parivaar Performance section in your menu

13. The cost of each Kirdaar will change based on the Kirdaar’s performance in the previous Episodes

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